Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) embodies the basic ethics of companies operating in society. It follows the ethical behavior of its stakeholders and recognizes the spirit of the legal and regulatory environment.

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An industrial organization more responsive to the needs of society hopes to have a better society to manage affairs on its behalf. To this end, it will implement a special social protection plan.

As society progresses, crime decreases. The funds needed to protect property will be reduced. Easier recruiting bag. Turnover and absenteeism will decrease considerably. A better society will create a better environment in which businesses can maximize their profits over the long term.

Every business organization needs to improve its public image to get more customers, better employees and greater profits. The concept of public image can be extended to achieve different types of social goals.

According to this argument, social goals are now the public's top priority. Therefore, if a company wants to gain a good image with the public, it must show that it also supports these social objectives.

Supervision and control consume energy and money and limit the flexibility of decision-making. Entrepreneurs do not voluntarily assume their social responsibilities, leading the government to step in and regulate their activities.

Through their socially responsible behavior, they can prevent government intervention. Contractors have learned that once the government takes over, they are rarely removed, although warranty terms vary.

Merchants have great control over society's production resources. They are forced to use these resources for the common good of society.

It must not be forgotten that society has given them control of national resources to improve security. They must fulfill their social obligations in the exercise of the economic power entrusted to them. The community will not tolerate the loss of these resources indefinitely.

Industrial peace is a prerequisite for commercial success. The unions have become more radical, demanding social protection measures, better wages and better working conditions.

Its problems derive their strength from the rapidly changing social environment. Entrepreneurs must earn the trust of workers and avoid violent class conflicts that benefit them.

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