Why you should stake CTP Tokens!

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I recently saw a couple of comments in steem posts where users were ranting about the steem-engine tokens. I read expressions like "they are just milking the steem blockchain" or "there is nothing behind it" or even "keep your hands away from them". Well this might be true for some of these tokens but it doesn't mean that among all these tokens you can't find some diamonds...

What is the CTP Token?

The CTP Token is a tribe token around ctptalk.com. It's a project run by @jongolson that unites a community of affiliate marketers.

What is interesting about this community is that most of the users are pretty new to everything that is blockchain or steem. The tribe is a kind of entry point into the crypto world. For us steem users it can also be considered as a way to communicate with people that are rather outside of the steem ecosystem. Most of these affiliate marketers have their own websites, their own blogs, there landing pages and lists. Being able to have a leg both in their world and in the crypto world, they will be able to work as a bridge for both sides to communicate together. What they learn on steem will find a way to their own lists, filled with people that do not know steem. At the same time their knowledge from outside of the steem world is brought into our community.

Why I believe it is a good idea to stake CTP Tokens

As I said before, this community might be a bridge between the steem world and their own world outside of steem. This is not only a hypothesis, it has already some very clear use cases that I would like to present here. This community has developed a payment processor called Fire-pay that allows site owners to accept the CTP Token as a means of payment. This means that the CTP Tokens can be used on several websites to purchase products or services. Since this community is rotating around affiliate marketing, you can mainly buy traffic at the moment. In this post you can find a list of websites that accept this token as a means of payment.

Imagine now what this community of internet marketers has discovered:

I can actually earn tokens while posting content to promote my business on steem. With the ctp tokens that I earn, I can buy additional traffic to promote my list or affiliate offers throughout the internet.

For these people, the CTP Token has become a multiplyer and it is not surprising that the price of the token has seen a very interesting development lately.

Because of the fact that there will be a constant demand for this token and that people will stake it to get even more tokens to pay for traffic packages, I believe that it is a great idea to start staking CTP Token now. Even if you are not an affiliate marketer, you might profit from the increasing price. Who knows maybe you need to buy traffic one day or you want to send e-mails using a service like listnerds and then you could simply use the CTP tokens to do so.

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CTP tribe is definitely under-the-radar of the STEEM community, but there are a big chunk of development in the back-end... Fire-pay WORKS and it's operational on a bunch of websites and it is possible to pay with CTP tokens different services outside the STEEM... And there is more... Fire-Pay can be modified to accept ANY of Steem-Engine tokens!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Thank you very much for your comment. I think that most steemians are not really aware of what is happening in CTP and I think it's worth to show the community what can be possible!

Dear @happyvoter and @achim03

Everything that brings more users to our platform so that it continues to grow is welcome. I hope that the creator of this tokens also creates the way to bring more users by the cementation of this tokens.

It is not necessary to lose sight of it, I do not have any company outside of steemit and living in Venezuela is uphill, but I am going to investigate on the matter, the opportunities are always there, in front of our face.

Saludos. :)

Thanks a lot for your comment my friend!

Best regards,

I also think those tokens could find their use and might be good to not avoit those right away.

Thanks a lot for your comment. I totally agree with you!

Hi @happyvoter. There are interesting tokens on steem engine, thanks for the recommendation.

Hi my friend,
thanks a lot for stopping by!

Hi @happyvoter

I think that Stake tokens Is a very good idea. U
In the beggining i dont know anything about that and i sold it, now i think Is better yo keep it.
Thankyou for the recomendation about CPT , i would follows it. ☮️👍

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Thanks a lot for your comment. I think that not all the tokens are worth staking but CTP is definitely rather an interesting token.

Actually "hives" on Steemit seem to be more effective than "tribes" on Steem Engine, but perhaps it depends on the right leaders, influencer people of the community.

Generally, I wish less inflation, everywhere:
(More tokens) + (decreasing or stagnating users count) = (declining prices)
It's so simple.

Thanks a lot for your comment. I think that hives and tribes are quite similarly built and it really depends on the driving forces behind them.

Generally, I wish less inflation, everywhere:
(More tokens) + (decreasing or stagnating users count) = (declining prices)
It's so simple.

This is quite true and therefore we should encourage every mouvement that brings totally new players into the ecosystem, like CTP

I believe this is heading in a good direction with real case uses like, for example, firepay and ctp token acceptance at my Trafficleads2incomeVM site.

I think that brings us a huge step in a direction that most people on steem don't see yet. A place where the steem blockchain has a real life application and where it is much more efficient than traditinonal paiment processors. Which processor offers you a free 3 second transaction?
Thank you very much for stopping by and for your comment!

Actually i always believe steem engine tokens were ripoff since the value of the token always decreases but i will go check this out

When you create a token and there is no demand for it, then it only looses value. That is what I like about CTP token. There is a demand for it because you can use it to buy stuff. Thanks a lot for your comment!

Actually, i still find it sceptical to invest in steem-engine tokens. I have tried it before and i didn't like the result but this looks reliable.

Hi, thanks for stopping by. Of course there is never a guarantee that things develop as they should but I believe that the success of a coin or project depends on the size of the ecosystem around it. With CTP this ecosystem is growing constantly and this makes me think that an interesting development could be witnessed.