All are good to start with, few are good to finish

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Everyone is good at starting, few are good at finishing... I've been thinking about this for a while.

Why do so many people get so excited at the beginning of any project and over time become discouraged and abandon it?

The answer to this question is not unique, I really believe that there are multiple reasons, and these can be present in the same person or it can be one that predominates. As in all aspects of life, there are as many possibilities to explain the abandonment of projects as there are humans in the world, however, I believe that in good measure the reasons I am going to mention are the main ones. So I invite you to keep reading until the end and if you have something to narrow it down, I will be happy to read it. Let's start...

We all have many goals throughout our lives, but many of them seem almost unattainable, and what is this about?. Sometimes we undertake projects that are almost an illusion, and come on, I know that many will tell me that "you have to bet high ", and yes, I agree, but always plan hand in hand with logic, based on our resources and skills. Not doing this I think is one of the main causes of abandonment of many projects, do you agree?.

I will put a situation -hypothetical- to exemplify what I have mentioned above:

Joseph, like many people, wants to be a millionaire. So he becomes an entrepreneur. He buys an empanada stand and starts selling. It is projected before starting that at least 6 months later he will be able to have 6 more empanada stands.

Let's analyze the previous, very probably it took him some months to be able to undertake that first business, although it is certain that when beginning one, already the next ones could come faster for already knowing the movement, also it is certain that it is quite difficult that he can in the term of 6 months manage to place 10 more places.

We have to contemplate many things, more now that we are in Pandemic and it affects much on all the economic activities, then, perhaps a more logical goal would be to project one or two additional premises, and thus, the plan would be more logical and you will not feel frustration when arriving at the 6 months and having only one additional one. This frustration of not being able to meet a goal is a frequent cause of project abandonment.

Other causes that I could mention as probable causes of not continuing an activity or project and also concluding it:

  • It's not as easy as they expected. Many times people guide themselves and analyze only results from others but they do not stop to contemplate all that this person has had to do to get to the place where they are. Just seeing results is a big mistake, every path has its nuances and often you have to face many difficulties before you can see the light on the path.

  • Time factor: nowadays many things are achieved with a click, Right?, in a matter of seconds through computers we can achieve great things, but the reality is that in everyday life medium or large projects require years and even decades *(in addition to sacrifices), and not everyone is willing to devote the time they really deserve to achieve the conclusion of what they have started.

For now, I have mentioned some important things, obviously not soon the only ones that exist, for sure you could add something more to this topic, I would like to read you.


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hi dear @josevas217
I abandoned many projects due to frustration, as you say sometimes we exaggerate setting goals that are very complicated to meet, your advice on more real goals is very good, this year I will not have impossible goals but rather simple goals so as not to suffer frustration

Hello friend, I agree, not everyone is able to finish their projects, I think another factor can be the confidence we have in ourselves, sometimes we start with the best energy but along the way something happens that makes us change our mind and I think it has to do with our mind, with what we think we are capable of doing. Greetings!

@tipu curate 3

I agree. A mentor used to tell me that procrastination is the thief of time. I remember it because it helps to deal with this problem of starting and not finishing.