Do not put products on the market that are not ready to be marketed

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Hello Project Hope community, I hope you all have a great start to the week, and a very productive few days ahead. Myself, I often find inspiration to write about certain things while educating myself by listening to some audio books or watching some finance videos, etc, considering there is so much content these days to learn whatever you want, you just have to be very organized about it if you really want to do it.

Well, I recently heard the following quote from Robert Kiyosaki:

"Do not put products on the market that are not ready."

It is a recommendation for entrepreneurs, it is a phrase that I can easily apply to this platform and to the creation of content, do not you think so?. Below I will develop my point of view with respect to this phrase so particularly basic but many obviate, and see how it is perfectly applicable to those of us who are dedicated to the creation of content.



We are all here, sharing content that we assume may be interesting to some group of people, at least we think and hope so, but, What if those people who read us frequently see that what we have brought to share is meaningless, unfinished, no concrete ideas?... what a disappointment it would be for them, right?.

Well, although it might be a little difficult to assume that what we write and share is a product, for me it is. We could well conceive our accounts on this platform as a growing company whose product is our publications, whether they are videos, essays, stories, reflections, analysis, whatever it is, it is a product, and as such we must take care of it.

Imagine that you go to a bakery, and the baker for wanting to sell only takes out of the oven his breads much earlier than it should be, they would come out raw, and it would not be pleasant to eat them, which would lead to the diners to feel unhappy about it and probably would not return to that bakery...

This previous story can easily happen with our writings, if we do not specify what we want in a proper way, someone who reads us for the first time may be disappointed to have invested time in that reading, and we would not only lose a possible regular reader but someone who could support us with a vote would leave.

As final words I must say that we must respect the people who read us, and it is easy to do it, at least presenting a "product " already ready, that contributes and that also has passed through our correct review before publishing it, even if you have someone you trust you could ask him to read it to see if the message is clear. That way at least you know it complies with the basics.

Our final product must be presentable, preferably with good layout, proper use of images and their respective fonts. I often add some questions, in order to encourage some kind of participation in the comments, there are those who leave links to other social networks, to courses, among many other things.

I am far from being perfect in what I do, but I make sure to at least meet a minimum of requirements in my publications before sharing them, and if in such a case I do not feel like writing, because it can happen to me, it is better not to do it, because often the result will not be good at all.

And don't forget that it takes months or years to build up a certain level of reputation, but in a few seconds this can be overthrown.

I'll say goodbye for now, until next time.

I would like to know what you think about my approach, for sure I can learn a lot from you and improve my publications.


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You are right, the baker's explanation explains your point very well, and it is reasonable that it can create discontent in the consumer and in turn create bad publicity that is from person to person.

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Hi @lanzjoseg
Yes, that's another detail that bad news tends to run pretty fast.

hi dear friend @josevas217

We could well conceive our accounts on this platform as a growing company whose product is our publications

very agree with your friend analysis, we are a growing company and our product is our publications, we must give everything for our readers,we must take advantage of this opportunity that life gives us, on this platform

Sure, here we have.many possibilities to create, you have to take advantage and do it right.
Thanks for commenting @ransesuchiha

Hello friend, I agree, we must take good care of our publications, bring interesting content and bring something good to the community, not everyone will like your content but there will always be someone who reads it and is interested, so it is better to present something of quality. It's not about quantity but that you show quality in what you write, that it is seen that you are interested and that you spent time to think about this content.

Your publications are always excellent, best regards!