Do what you are truly passionate about

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Hello everyone, it is a pleasure for me to be here with you again, I hope you are having a great week, and of much benefit. I often hear the following phrase:

"Do what you are truly passionate about ".

That this is the only way to succeed in our endeavors because somehow we will be happy to be "working on something we love" and we will give our best in every activity related to it, but, it often happens that we do not always do well financially despite being dedicated to what we do, has it happened to you?.


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And I talk about the economic because in our current society the vision of success is closely related to economic power, isn't it, so when we perform any activity that does not produce money for us it could be considered by many as a waste of time, leaving aside the process of enjoying when we do it. At least this is something I have seen with some frequency. For example:

• I learned to play guitar, ok, it's something I like to do, but anyone could tell me, do you make money doing it?, my answer is, obviously, no, I don't make money with it, but I enjoy doing it. Well, for many it's a waste of time, but, what if I record some videos and upload them to a platform where I can monetize?, surely it would be a way to produce, but, would I feel comfortable recording myself while doing it? would I still enjoy it the same?, I don't know.

The point in all this is does everything I do have to generate money for me to feel successful with this activity?, the current reality and moving only around money I think is one of the reasons why the world has become dehumanized to the point of seeing the activities of distraction and recreation as a waste of time.

Success should be seen as progress in any area in which we develop and develop, and it does not necessarily have to be money involved, for example, a child who learns to walk is a great success, if we learn a new language or a new skill is a great success, don't you think?

And of course, I must say that, like everyone else, I also want to be financially successful, and it doesn't mean that I necessarily aspire to become the next Elon Musk or Jeff Besos, but living a decent life is also part of the successes we all want to achieve.

So, I know that the aspirations of each of us are totally different, and the levels of success we measure differently, but in the end we all want to be well in our lives, to do well in the different projects we undertake, in whatever area, and finally, to be happy doing it, isn't that right?

I hope you all have a great week ahead, and that all your projects are full of success.

See you soon, thank you very much for reading me.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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You have reminded me of something very personal, which I will explain briefly. I always liked to read and write, since I was a child I have done it and my father, an old-fashioned man for whom success was subject to what you could get financially, always scolded me and said "With that you do not go to the market". I left my father's house when I was young, I started working at the age of 12 and nothing prevented me from continuing to do what I was passionate about, without giving up studying and working to support myself. In 2000, when I founded my alternative publishing house, I proved to him that I could go to the market with what I was passionate about.
There is a popular adage that says "If you do not enjoy your work then it becomes slavery" and I add "To enjoy it you must love it and have passion for it".

Hi @joseph1956
Wow, that's a good story really. A good experience. I think you have been able to see that the best thing to do is what we like, without hesitation.

Greetings friend. I think the problem is when people define success in terms of money, because dedicating yourself to what you are passionate about is already a success if the purpose is to be happy, but if what you are passionate about does not give you enough remuneration obviously there will be a conflict between what you want and what is necessary to do, so many people have jobs they do not like while pursuing what they are passionate about.

Hi @emiliomoron
Everything finally many people end up seeing it through monetary terms, it's a great detail in today's society.

Hi dear friend @josevas217

doesn't mean that I necessarily aspire to become the next Elon Musk or Jeff Besos

Why not ?, I'm going to bet for you, you can be the next billionaire XD, it is difficult to achieve something when we don't enjoy it, work is work I think the part that is most enjoyed about work is money, and that is why we do activities apart from working as some hobbies, some privileged people work doing what they love and we must seek that path

Hello @ramsesuchiha
Yes, it is indeed a privilege to be able to do something we love and make a living from it. It is the ideal

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Hello friend @ josevas217,
If you do what you like, you enjoy it to the fullest. And this applies both personally and at work.
Just as it is also important to give ourselves the opportunity to do some activity for hobby or entertainment, simply because it feels good, it's wonderful.

Happy weekend,

This is how it should be
You should do what you are passionate about, regardless of anything
Perhaps what makes some depressed and some angry all the time is trying to do something they do not like so that it goes like the herd does.
be different

Hello @curation-man
Who follows the herd will be able to please and make happy the herd.

Hello @josevas217.

As usual my friend it is always a pleasure to read your excellent reflections as they allow us to broaden our perception of life in any area where we are.

Sometimes we manage to combine what we love to do with what generates money to subsist during our existence, this aspect is great, however, it is not always this way and you share with us extraordinary reflections in this regard with which we can have a proper understanding of the issue raised.

In my case I try to balance the things that I am passionate about, but do not generate me money, with those that I am not passionate about, but if they generate me economic income, of course doing what we are passionate about is priceless.

Thank you for sharing such an interesting article with all of us. Best regards.

Thank you @rbalzan79
Yes, there are things that have to be done that we don't like, but that's the way it is, there's no other way. But when we have a choice, we have to opt for what makes us money while we are doing it.

I think you are not having the right approach I tell you why, we have all seen people who we say are talented, people who love doing something and because they love what they do so much they can achieve high levels of excellence in what they do. You say your passion for playing the guitar leads you to be the next "carlos santana", or if you love to cook your passion can lead you to be the next "Mauro Colagreco" you see if your passion is great you work hard to perfect what you do until you are so good at what you do that the money comes only from your level of excellence.