Have you thought about your retirement?

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Hello community, recently I've been more aware and thoughtful of things that 15 or 20 years ago I didn't even think about, might I be getting old?

Well, I am 37 years old, however, sometimes I have been labeled as old in my thoughts for thinking about the future differently than most people think, at least my age, this happened to me more often before, but, nevertheless, there are things I would like to comment in this post, that in a way I could think it is the thought of other people, and I would like to know through the comments if it is really so....


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I know that seeing the dollar as the main image of this post, in an image that speaks for itself, you might think that I am focusing on a specific country, and in reality I am not, because I am Venezuelan and currently live in Bogota, the Colombian capital, and I can say that concerns about getting older and being in a complicated economic situation is something I frequently see here in this country.

Old people going through the garbage looking for something to recycle and then sell for a few pesos to provide food that day or the next day, is a reality.



I also know that it is a reality in many other countries, and although I have not yet set foot on the soil of any developed country, I am afraid that in a certain way they show us the pretty face of each country and that all of them could have some similarities in this aspect.

To believe that the government can bear the burden of an entire population of "older adults" is absurd, we know that this is not possible, but in the face of this reality the only thing left is to work from now on so that one can procure a better future for oneself, without so many worries, no more than those that arise routinely, but that not having a roof to sleep under or that the scarcity of food in your home is not your future reality.

These are aspects that I had not thought about before, but now I do, perhaps because I am a migrant in another country, probably because I am getting a little older, or simply because I am facing the future, working now to ensure that what is a reality for many today is not my reality, nor is it close to it in the future.

I wish everyone a great future in the medium and long term, that they manage to consolidate as independent and that they never depend on anyone to survive.

Thank you very much for reading me.

I would like to know if you had thought about your future as elders, if you have a plan for an early retirement and to be able to enjoy a quiet life without shortages...I will read you in the comments.


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Nice content

We can't predict the future, but you have time still, 20 years, in that these 5 years you can plan to get richer and save. So many oppurtunities are there.

Seriously, this time we have lots of challenges - climate change being one. Also, I think you still should enjoy life now and be happy for what you have and keep working smartly for future.

You do well for next 2-3 years, consolidate, then plan ahead consolidate.

But I see things get complex if you have expenses and family like kids education, college education, health care and stuff, inflation adds up, so get wealth appreciation and savings would help I guess. I am not very good at finances, but surely if you keep doing well now, or working for better and improving now, you won't be kicked down to poverty.

And another aspect, I perhapes won't look forward for old age now, we live well now without regrets, ready to pass off this miserable world then, may not have the strenght to tolerate it. The fear more than finance is also - will I die alone, lonely, suffering and such things. I think that's common too, future is uncertain, we can only enjoy our present and try for better future with the choices we make.

Somewhere they say... sucess is all round, not just in wealth, but in relationships, in good things you did and the love you have, that when you die people remember you. Not that it matters, but its something, doing something worthwhilw and valuable in our entire lifetime.

We still have time, to build wealth, to change lives and many do many things atleast for the next 5 -6 years until we get to worry about these serious things, lets see when we turn 45 or something, time is there still.

I understand you perfectly @mintymile, it's true, there is time for everything. I think we are living very good times, we are in a crypto environment that allows us, being smart, to achieve good incomes. It is a matter of scheduling, organizing, and working as you say, INTELLIGENTLY.
Really children, school, college, will always be a big expense. It's something you always have to prepare well for.
Thank you very much for commenting.

True, life is indeed uncertain, so we should make the best of what we have now. Also, budgeting could help plan a lot though.

hi dear @josevas217
I am also terrified of what you indicate, old age in poverty must be something terrible that I would not want to experience, so we must consolidate our economic future and to do so we must work for it from today

That is where the detail is, you have to work from today, but it is not about working as an employee. That is not profitable. It only gives you half a living... At least here in Latin America.

Thanks for this reality check. I've indeed thought about it, but more in the sense of "paying my dues", like a part of my income going into a pension fund. But never really thought of options besides that fund and I should start thinking of options because even I don't want to scrape when I get older as pension funds are liable. One: those funds are in the hands of people who kind of make decisions on that money, two: inflation and other economic circumstances could have an effect on those funds.

Hi @tanjakolader
Thank you very much for commenting, yes, you definitely have to look for options, as @mintymile says, we still have time, and it is necessary to enjoy what we have and work smart today to have a peaceful future.
I hope to have a humble future, an old age like Warren Wuffet.😆

Yes, let's do this! 💪

Hahahaa Warren Wuffet 😂

That why is important to take care of yourself and your education to bring wealth in your way.

Yes, you have to do it consciously, it is not a matter of leaving things to chance. You have to be organized.

Hi friend @josevas217

Wow, certainly 37 is not an age to be thinking about retirements, but you are right at our age we start to see things from another perspective. In my case, I don't often think about this kind of situations, however, 8 years ago when I decided to compete for a permanent position as a regular teacher, at that time I only had projected to guarantee the stability of my old age, maybe at that time here in Venezuela we could still make that kind of plans.

Hello friend, a great reflection, it is true that there are many older people here in Bogota working day and night, it is a sad situation, I think that at a certain age we should be calm as far as economy is concerned, but the reality of many is another. The education that we may have in the course of our lives I think it can have a lot to do, our past decisions are what lead us to the present and many people are largely to blame for going through great needs.

I believe that we will never stop reflecting and thinking about building a future for when we reach adulthood. Greetings friend and thank you for sharing this valuable reflection.