If you can't visualize it, you can hardly achieve it

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Hello community, I hope you are all having a great week, I would like to raise a topic for discussion that I am sure might interest you.

Most people want economic stability, that which allows them to be well, to be able to cover all their needs comfortably, travel, indulge in some pleasures, among many pleasures that we could enjoy, however, not all dare to seek to achieve that, they put the limit of it, and although their desires are very large, they do not dare to visualize such things, then if you can not even visualize it, how are you going to get it?.

Yes, as simple as that, such an easy action as visualizing something is so necessary to be able to achieve our goals, that if it is not done, forget about achieving it, dramatic?, yes, but I really see it that way. Some time ago from a millionaire man I heard: if you don't visualize the millions in your account you will never have them in reality... And it's that simple, it's true, or is it?



There is a natural tendency of many people to put themselves down, low self-esteem plays a determining role in this position, of course. And the worst thing is that it has repercussions in all areas of life.

If you think you are incapable, so be it, if you feel you have the energy and the ability to do things, surely you can get on track to this goal you are pursuing, and it does not mean that you will achieve 100%, but at least you will be in action, pursuing what you want and what you think and visualize yourself as deserving.

Fear can paralyze, and often insecurity and fear go hand in hand. But you have to dare, the struggle to overcome yourself must always start with yourself, but if you don't believe it, if you don't believe in yourself, it will be impossible for you to go beyond, to move from that place where you feel safe.

You will never be able to cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. " Christopher Columbus

The previous sentence is quite clear, we must dare, we must take action, it is the only way to achieve our goals, but it would also be the best attitude to achieve the attainment of what we have previously visualized. And it is not enough to just want something, we must desire it, imagine ourselves enjoying and living what we want, think about it and long for it with such strength that the universe has no choice but to grant it to you.

Whenever you start doing something you must do it with your goal in mind, because if not, anything that comes your way you will see it as an "opportunity " that would finally end up entertaining you, but you would see it as something good because you don't have a determined goal, a purpose.



So, don't forget, it is necessary to visualize what you want, use IMAGINATION, believe you are capable of achieving it, and put yourself into action to achieve what you have envisioned? doesn't it seem simple to you?, I hope so.

I'll say goodbye for this time, I hope you all have a great weekend, take care of yourselves.

We'll keep in touch.


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Hello friend @josevas217

First of all, I must say that from the reflective is an excellent title, I think the element that slows people do not achieve their life purposes, is due to excessive insecurity, not to act or take steps in pursuit of achieving goals, in a way by what you describe well in your publication, FOR NOT DARE TO VISUALIZE and a person who is constantly paralyzed by insecurity, will never take good opportunities. Another element is that people who assume to see opportunities at all times, but do not realize any or rather do not set as a goal to achieve one of those opportunities, are simply covering their insecurity. Very good publication.

Hello friend, that's right, I think everything finally depends on oneself, we should not look for excuses but options.

Someone said "you have to believe the dream until it becomes a reality". That stuck with me and has been a reference point for me over the years

Great, that's a really excellent phrase. Everything starts from what we believe and hope, if we dream it, we can make it come true.

Hi @josevas217
It is a very useful psychological technique.
Its practice helps to keep clear goals and strive for them.
Excellent reading my friend.
I hope you have a great weekend.
Best regards.

Yes, knowing how to use the mind for different purposes is crucial for success, it is important.
Happy weekend to you too.

Con el apoyo de la familia.

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Thank you for your support @topfivefamily

Without a clear vision it's easier to get side tracked and/or lose focus, while when you have it you know how to steer clear from distractions. Yes, along the way the objectives may change, but the goal remains the same.


Thank you very much for your comment @tanjakolader.
Yes, everything is subject to change, I think it can be a common mistake that they don't make the process flexible, and this can cause many to make mistakes.

Yes, some mistakes are made and others give up, while they only should have persevered.

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Excelente artículo, @josevas217.
Es necesario visualizar el logro de un objetivo para lograrlo y trabajar para lograrlo.
Que también tengas un lindo y productivo fin de semana

Así mismo es, no hay manera de lograr cosas, sino lo visualizas primero, o quizás si, un golpe de la suerte que te haga lograr algo que ni pensaste, pero creo que esos logros repentinos y por cuestión de suerte suelen durar poco.

De acuerdo contigo, @josevas217

Excelente tu publicación!!! Muy alentadora y llena de frases poderosas ✨

Siento que visualizar nos permite tener claros nuestros deseos y objetivos, además de mover la energía en el Universo para que te asista en tu propósito.

Gracias por compartir 🙏🏻 bendiciones ✨

Eso, es bueno pensarlo, porque de pensarlo con tanta fuerza, el universo puede conspirar a nuestro favor...
Gracias por comentar.

Hello friend, I feel identified with your post, certainly sometimes I feel that my goals and goals are almost impossible to achieve, I must work on it, to change my mentality to make the road easier, the less obstacles we have much better, all success involves hard work, but if we have security and confidence everything becomes more bearable. Greetings!

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