In business, we cannot set aside the rules

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Hello Hive Community, happy start of the week to all, today is a great day, don't you think?, I particularly believe that every day is a great day, a new great opportunity to grow and move forward. But, everything we do has its repercussions (good or not so good) that can make any undertaking become complex. Now, something that becomes necessary to know in everything we do is the rules that govern this activity.

Although practically everything has rules, when we talk about business we have to contemplate many things, and some may escape our hands or our understanding, such as the legal framework, which usually are multiple things to consider in this aspect, but it is mandatory to do so.



The big businessmen do not pretend to cover by themselves all the legal framework, for that reason most of them have a group of lawyers at their disposal, who guide them in the execution of all the projects, allowing that there are less problems (or none) in the development of the same one. It is logical, don't you think?

It is not possible that as entrepreneurs we have mastery of all areas, this leads us to have a good team on your side so that they can give the best guidance, and comply with the rules in every aspect of the business and be able to move forward within the legal.

When I refer to the rules, it is because everything has them, and it is best to know them before entering into any activity. For example, cryptocurrencies are no exception, each platform has its rules, although sometimes they are not so clear, I think partly because it is all relatively new, you have to inform yourself as best as possible before getting into something in which we can lose money, or even be reprimanded in some way for not complying with a rule.

Because the phrase "not knowing it does not exempt us from guilt" is well known.... I imagine that everyone knows this phrase.

You cannot pretend to enter a card game without knowing the rules, it is absurd, you simply could not do it, you could not play, then, much less should be considered to enter a business without delving into what it really is, what is behind it, what are the rules that govern it. I guess it will be logical what I have raised in this publication.

Thank you very much for reading me.

Have a great week everyone.


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It's indeed true that you can't simply know everything and for that you have your team to help you with that, but yes you should at least know and understand the basics of what your teammates or employees are doing.

Hi dear @josevas217
I always think that succeeding is difficult, now succeeding without knowing the rules must be impossible, we must also follow these rules in whatever activity we do that always gives good results.
God Bless you

Hello friend, certainly the world is full of rules and many of them we do not like but we must comply with them and in business I have realized that we have to be aware of all these rules and laws and so no defaults. I think it could be a bit dangerous. Greetings!

I believe that without rules we do not achieve discipline and without discipline we easily achieve success, in business we all seek success, therefore the set of rules that encompasses business is something we should not skip. Greetings my dear friend and thank you for sharing.

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