Is it essential to know about blockchain and cryptocurrencies to make life on this platform?

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This is a question that I was asked recently, and to be honest, I have been thinking about it and I have several opinions about it. The simple and basic answer to that question would be NO, it's not necessary. It is enough in principle that you learn how to edit the posts, and the basic things (comment, vote, reblog). To start making life here, however...

I start from the following principle: If you know the system well, you can put it to work for you, and get better performance.



You don't think so? To justify it, I'm going to bring in some examples.

If someone starts publishing just in the interest of making money through his writing, he might do very well. Let's say that in the course of 3 months he has managed to earn about 5 thousand HivePower (he has done extremely well), but he doesn't know the benefits of the curatorship, he is wasting that possibility of getting an extra benefit by voting for other publications manually. Or if he doesn't know what a TRAIL is and how to follow it, he would be losing the chance to earn some extra SteemPower even by doing nothing, just following a trail.

There are some projects that by delegating your voting power you generate an additional benefit. Project.Hope is a good example of this, where you can obtain a daily or weekly benefit if you delegate an amount of your voting power. Something that if you don't know you couldn't take advantage of.

There are also options to automate your voting for specific users, which is a way to put your account to work almost 24 hours a day without having to constantly monitor it. And if you don't know this, you might miss the opportunity.

You don't have to be a scholar of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency theme to write and publish, of course, but you do need to have more notion about the whole context in order to get the maximum benefit.

Knowing about token burning and its importance in the price of a Cryptocurrency can allow you at some point to place the profits you have made from your publications in this burning process and generate some additional profit, or you can probably enter the market area and realize that there are those who make good profits trading from the domestic market... for example.

It is something necessary to clarify to the people who want to enter to make life in this social network based on a Blockchain and that generates Benefits in Crypto Currencies, that even without knowing what these words mean and everything behind them, they can publish from their blogs, but the best thing is that little by little they go deeper, and go beyond what they know, the knowledge does not weigh, and always gives us better options.

I just wanted to share these personal opinions, around this topic with those who read me.

I'd like to know what you think about it.

I'll be reading them in the comments.



I invite you to visit Project.hope and learn about the benefits of this project for all those interested in growing while helping others to grow.

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Or if he doesn't know what a TRAIL is and how to follow it, he would be losing the chance to earn some extra SteemPower even by doing nothing, just following a trail.

This is true every user must know about this. Trail is very important and along with this delegation so only posting article is not good for user of hive they must learn other things too that you mentioned.

Delegation, follow a trail, vote and what is the benefit in this, among many other things.
We simply have to know, we have to learn little by little.
Thank you for your comment @luckyali

I think it is important to learn as you go and not stick to doing just one thing.

We start with something or zero knowledge about something, but with time and practice we get deeper and deeper... I agree with you @creativemary, we learn as we go.

Thanks for your comment.


Money without Power os meaningless and power to me is the knowledged gained. So we sure need it.

The greatest good we could have is knowledge, but of course, knowing how to use it, otherwise, it doesn't make sense.
And of course, having a minimum of knowledge gives us the opportunity to earn more in this place, and wherever.
Thank you very much for your comment @oredebby

You've said it all. 👍

I don't think that it is mandatory to know everything about blockchain and crypto currencies but surely should have little bit knowledge about the platform, & how it works? Nice article @josevas217

I must confess that I started from scratch. I made a lot of mistakes because I didn't have counseling, but I learned something along the way.
The best thing would be, in my opinion, to know something basic even if it makes the process easier.

Thank you for commenting @face2face

I think the most important thing is not to know everything (even because this is impossible), but to be willing to learn and practice. Once this is understood, things start to happen (probably in a positive way).

Thank you very much for your comment @wiseagent
That's very true, it's practically impossible to know everything about anything. Even more so considering that things are happening very fast these days and even more so in the technological field. Besides, when we learn something, it opens the door for another kind of learning... So, practice, as you say, is what makes what we have learnt take hold, and allows us to continue...

Estoy de acuerdo , creo que no es necesario saberlo todo y si como tu dices ir desarrollando estrategias para mejorar las publicaciones y los beneficios que nos aportan, saludos

Hola @popurri, muchas gracias por tu comentario.
Si, ciertamente, mientras mas se sabe de algo mejor benefficio se puede obtener.
Pero el conocimiento se va adquiriendo poco a poco.

Hello dear @josevas217, great post.

It is true everything that you expose, it is possible that we can start writing without any type of knowledge, but it is the knowledge that we fence by opting that will lead us to success in this ecosystem.

Certainly that way have been my years within the blockchain, both in steem and now in the hive, i.e. simply enter with the intention of publishing, then other needs that have to do with the environment have made me learn other basic things that go much further than knowing how to publish, among these are the know of exchanging coins like steem /steem dollars and hive /hive dollars in the internal market, and how your very well explained in this article this knowledge helps us to optimize our profits that have been earned netly from our work in publications.

Greetings and thanks for this valuable contribution.