Personal training must go hand in hand with financial literacy training

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"Personal training must go hand in hand with financial literacy training.".

Hello community, happy start of the week for everyone, for me it is a real pleasure to be here sharing some thoughts with you. That phrase that I share to start the post made me think to reflect and I really see it as something very important and is that we can not put aside the personal training if we want to have a financial evolution that allows us to live much better, don't you think so?.

And the fact is that in the same way that we think when we have little, we will think when we have a lot. What do I mean by this? that if a person does not like to share or help anyone when he has little, when he really has the possibility of being in a better economic position he will not do it either, because it is not part of his philosophy of life which will undoubtedly look very bad in the eyes of many people.



And with the above I do not mean that whenever we are going to do something we should always think about what they will say, no, but we must know how to filter the information we receive from others, but despite this we must somehow keep in mind and analyze what they tell us and why they do not tell us.

There is a reality and it is that as we grow, as we become adults we acquire more responsibilities and therefore expenses increase which means that we must increase our income. But it is not logical that we continue in a position in which everything that enters our pockets comes out in the same way, and even many people tend to over-indebt and spend much more than they can generate in a year, and it is absurd, people know it but they continue to do it.

This means that as they were evolving economically, generating a higher income, usually from a job or a business, they did not learn to manage themselves properly, which leads them that regardless of the amount of money they earn they will still be in poverty, and even worse than the one they were in before generating that good income.

But they also forget to help, I believe in the universal law of cause and effect, generally what we give we will receive, and it is not about giving away what you earn with effort, but perhaps a good deed, a help in some way to a group of people, could bring you a great benefit as a gift from the universe, maybe I'm wrong, but I like to believe in that.

This is a clear sign that it is not logical that we forget to train ourselves financially, to be able to manage our money better when we are in the process of increasing our income because if we do not learn to manage small amounts of money much less we will do it when these figures are even larger, and I must emphasize, I can not stop repeating it, we must not leave humanity aside....

For now I bid you farewell, hoping that your week will be very productive.


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Greetings @lpsevas217, what a good reflection you have made with this publication because not many think this way, it is as you say it is not about giving away what you have achieved financially with effort but doing a good deed will be rewarded later, helping others is one of the most important things to do and it should not necessarily be with money, you can also donate food, clothing, or medicine to a person or institution that requires it.

I agree, we have to take advantage of what we know to help others, that's how it is. That is comforting.
Thnks for commenting

Hello dear friend @josevas217, I share the approaches of your publication.
Giving and receiving is part of the cycle of life, and to do so must be part of our philosophy, to do it spontaneously, balanced and feeling good when we do it.
Financial education helps us to do it better and prepares us to work towards it.
Thanks for sharing, greetings
Happy living

Without financial education, it is very difficult to move forward, to have more. And having more, we can help others more easily. Thans for commenting @raizayanez

Greetings friend @josevas217, I share with you the information provided, I agree that we must train ourselves personally and in turn financially this will serve to manage our income for very little or much in a better way and efficiently, of course bearing in mind that being generous for me brings heavenly rewards.

Without training, we can't find much more. It is difficult for us to have all that we want in action.