Pleasure or enterprise?

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I have asked myself this question several times, surely you have too, or not?, and it is that most people want fast results in business, as well as in the movies. But the reality is that you have to have patience to do any business. And I don't just mean when you open a traditional business (bakery, restaurant, pharmacy, etc), but even when you talk about online business.

The reality is that many of the businesses they open will not be able to sustain over time, for various reasons, poor location, high cost of local leases, regional or local economic crisis, or global as in the case of the pandemic. The truth is that many factors make the possibility that a business may stagnate or simply never finish growing. And it can be frustrating, since most people have a vision of what they want to achieve in a few months or years when they start, but it happens that some want quick results, and don't consider that a business can require years of work, with long hours of permanence, at least while they manage to form a work team that can be trusted.

That's where the question comes in: "Pleasure or entrepreneurship?



Because we have to recognize that generally any activity in which we have hopes and we want it to go well, we have to dedicate a lot of time and this implies sacrifices, many, leaving the pleasure of some trips, parties, among other things aside, to face the challenge of making your enterprise grow, Isn't it?.

Perhaps that is why many people prefer a job as a laborer or employee, where they receive their pay fortnightly or monthly, and thus manage to be calm, comfortably unhappy, but without business concerns. In addition to that, academic training has been created for that, to form people who work for others...

Everything has its nuances, I am not saying that some path is easy, but the reality is that many do not want to sacrifice their pleasures to carry out some enterprise, and I am not only referring to undertake in traditional businesses, because an online business also requires an enormous effort to start it up, and even if you want to dedicate yourself independently to trading, for example, seeing it as a business, you must dedicate many hours to learning, for sure it can take you months to achieve a good performance, which generally you must alternate with other activities that generate a livelihood while you learn, and it usually happens that they are efforts that not everyone wants to make.

So, everything in the end depends on us, it is a matter of making decisions that we consider convenient, and part of what we want in our lives.

Have a good half week.


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Hello friend @josevas217

Certainly the common employee will always be unhappy with his life and income, but the business owner too, besides attending to many responsibilities, as you well say not everyone wants that pace of life, many want to live more peacefully. Besides, having a business does not guarantee success, but it does guarantee hard work.

It all depends on what each person wants and what they are comfortable with. But all human beings are non-conformist, we always want more and more.

Everything will always involve work, always, but it is up to us to find a job that is more profitable and less forced. That is, more intelligent.

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Hello dear friend, I believe that hard work always pays off, it is not easy to make sacrifices but to undertake I have a motto, nothing to lose everything to gain, at this point in my life I am undertaking and must make sacrifices to achieve success

Success in this endeavor is never so easy to start something, but it is certainly worth it. Complex times are coming, but with perseverance you will surely be able to.

Greetings friend @josevas217. I remember the first time I tried to start a food business, many people told me "the food business is very hard and doesn't have vacations or weekends" I think they were people who valued their free time (pleasure) more than entrepreneurship to seek financial freedom.

Hi @emiliomoron
Surely many of those who made that kind of comment never had any business, or anything like it, but they are experts in opinion...

This is true it takes time, effort and work to become successful in business. It doesn't matter what business, you don't open the door successful, you must become successful. Great information.

The door to success must be opened with work, certainly, but intelligent work I think gives better results.
Thank you very much for commenting.

This is the complicated type of scale for those who do not know exactly what they want to do as an entrepreneur.

I think that to avoid this kind of doubt, people should open their own businesses according to what they like... And not because of what may necessarily be more profitable. Pleasure is more important than money.

It is likely that just focusing on money is a mistake. Because you can fall into something very bitter if it is the only search. Without a doubt, the reasonable thing to do is to seek pleasure while it is happening.

It is likely that just focusing on money is a mistake. Because you can fall into something very bitter if it is the only search. Without a doubt, the reasonable thing to do is to seek pleasure while it is happening.
Thanl you for you comment.