The power of good planning

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Hello community, I hope you all have a great start to the week, my best wishes to you all.

We are in the middle of the first month of the new year, I guess you all already have your plan for this 2021, and it will be full of many things to do. Many tend to write down what they're going to do, others just think about it, and act on it depending on what comes along. However, as I see it, thinking about something or having an idea is just the beginning, acting to get what we want is something else, I could say that is what is really important, because thinking about something is not enough to achieve it.

I must particularly say that I have never been one to make written plans at the beginning of the year, because I never considered it so important, but recently, thanks to my wife, that changed.

This year we have planned our year based on goals, contemplating different aspects, such as education, work, family, help to others, economic, among others.



We must be clear that not everything that is planned will always turn out as we have foreseen, however, it allows us to adequately address what we want to achieve. It is also good to keep in mind that those approaches we make to ourselves are realistic and logical, starting from our real reality.

We must prioritize, adjust each of the steps we will take, it is necessary to stay on that path. I had always read of the importance of leaving everything in writing so that I could visualize it better, but I rarely did, and if I did it was in a fairly general way.

But this time I was a retailer, I marked with exact numbers everything, that works perfectly for me. Although it has been only a few days since I wrote this plan, I can make some decisions in order to fulfill what I had planned for the first quarter. And I think this is just great. I know that the plans may not be fully met and I may get less than I intended, but I also know that it could be much better than I originally planned. And that's the idea.

Asking and answering questions is a good way to activate your mind in search of solutions, in search of those other alternatives you might have to do what you do and be more proactive and productive. Luckily for me, I am focused on internet activities, I live from this currently. Which has been useful to me, in view of the fact that the country I live in has gone back into absolute quarantine.

But, my goals have been realistic, even contemplating this possibility of confinement again, which is not that it doesn't matter, because I know it affects the global economy as well as this country I live in, but it's not something I can particularly struggle with, so you have to adapt and continue with the planning to achieve the goals set.

For now I say goodbye, hoping that you all feel very well.

And that you also have a path to follow this year, which as far as I can see, is a little complex in terms of economy.

Stay safe.


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Hello friend @josevas217, an excellent idea, sometimes writing our ideas is the best option to not lose the way, to have a well laid out path. As you say, changes can come up, but that will make us to direct our vision and reach the starting plan. Greetings!

The benefits of adequate planning can never be over-emphasized. It is true that things may not exactly turn out as they are planned but it is always good to have a plan to follow.
Nice piece buddy

Hello friend @josevas217, that good article, particularly I am a fanatic of planning, allows me to carefully organize each of the activities in which I am immersed, I congratulate you, because, it is a good start that this year you already have your planning, I am sure it will be fruitful every activity you do.

See you later, many successes and blessings !

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Hello @josevas217,
I am one of those who act on a day-to-day basis, simply thinking about the things we can achieve, I do it this way because sometimes what we plan does not work out in the best way.
However, this year I changed that mentality and I have designed a plan of action to achieve the goals in the short, medium and long term and I have realized that this way of approaching your goals gives you better perspectives to reach them. Thank you for your contribution