The Future Of Robots

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A robot is any machine with a programmed brain In a human like or any other structure designed to execute or perform tasks and operation performed by humans at a very high speed and with ease. Robots are gradually taking the place of humans in performing tasks because people that are buoyant enough to afford a robot prefers to use robot instead of man power just because of the high speed at which they operates and the accuracy in their performance.

Robots was said to be design first some years by some robotics engineer which is as well known as mechatronics engineers to make life more easier for humans. Robots are designed to perform different task and operation while some are multipurpose.

Robots perform operations like fire fighting, driving, cooking, error detecting and so many operations that can be performed by humans. There are different types of robot out of which includes augmenting robots, teleoperated robots, autonomous robots, humanoid robots and pre programmed robots.

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Each type of robots have its own purpose. Robots tends to benefit and affect us in the future. It will benefit us in the sense that it will make life more easier for us and it will affect us as it will render a lot of people useless and tends to increase unemployment as most work will be done by robots.


Robots are mostly used in the manufacturing industries to carry out their operations. Because of the accuracy and fastness of robots, manufacturing industries now prefer to use robots rather than human. In future, robots will dominate industries and will have positive Impact on the industry as it will boost the rate, quality and quantity of production.

Though the cost might be very high but still, it will generate more income for the industry. It will have negative impact In such a way that the rate of unemployment will increase and will also reduce the knowledge of human. Since all operation needed to be perform by human can also be perform even better by robots, then human power will no longer be needed in most manufacturing industries.

Robots used at home are used to perform the house chores like sweeping, washing, cooking,etc. Since robots never gets tired, they can perform as much task as we want them to perform without any complain and getting restless. Robots are also used for entertainment at homes and also keeps human's company.

Robots are now used as sex partners to replace the opposite gender. As time goes on, everything will be done by robots and will increase the chance of rapid growth in technology. It will be of advantage as it will reduce and minimize stress at home because almost everything will be done by the robot and it will also reduces the cost we spend on all house chores.

It will be of great disadvantage as it will promote laziness among people mist especially the youths because most of the task that are expected of them to perform will be done by the robot. It will also promote immoral act in the society because people will refuse to marry as they find sex pleasure they need from robots any time and any moment of their choice.

Robots are also used in automobile lines. There we cars know as robotics cars because they have the features to drive themselves and perform some other operation like self parking, GPRS monitoring, etc. It is one of the latest discovery of the robotics engineers and people have started using it well in the developed countries.

According to some set of researchers, very soon all cars will be robotics car that won't need the attention of human before it operates. If this is well done, it will reduce the rate of accident because robots are said to be perfect even more perfect than humans. So no matter the speed at which the car drives its self, the passengers in the car will be guarantee an accident free journey from its own side except for the ones that can be caused due to bad roads and other factors.

It will also block or stop the income of some industries. Automobile companies like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mercedes, etc. that are not yet advances to the production of robotic cars will have reduction in demands as people will keep buying robotic cars.for their comfort. This may then cause the closure of such companies when the loss is becoming to much and will also increase the unemployment rate as all staffs will be relief of their work since their will be no more production.

Robots brain are capable of grabbing things easily and faster and it will really be of help when it comes to education. Education in Nigeria for example is still limited to human to human interaction and a little of electronic learning but countries like China have started the use of robots in impacting knowledge to their students which is making them one of the leading countries in the aspect of education.

Not all teachers are competent and good enough for teaching but robots have the capable brain if reading and understanding thing well and fast, this features in them can be used to impact knowledge to people easily and faster and it will be more understanding than humans.

The positive impact of this will be the easy understanding of the students. There will be no or just few number of dullards. It will as well encourage indiscipline among students as there will not be fear of man in the class unlike that of human.

There will be easy prediction in the future when robots are majorly used. Since each robot has its own limit and capability, It will be very easy to predict the performance of each robots. The illustration is just like electronics that have different working energy and capability, they have varying voltage limit and energy limit. It will also reduce the trust among humans as all trust will be on robots.

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