Heard about the permissioned human clones in an Ethereum powered marketplace?

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Alethea AI is a US-based AI startup founded in 2019. They received their first great success in the last quarter of 2019 when they created a viral deepfake meme video of CZ Binance. They replaced Jet Li’s face with the face of CZ and created a near-perfect deepfake video. Their technology was featured last year in a hackathon sponsored by Binance. Alethea focused on meme category primarily. Recently they have launched a marketplace to facilitate trading of different deepfake AI products.

AI marketplace

Alethea AI marketplace is a synthetic media marketplace. It has been developed in collaboration with Oasis Labs. The marketplace is powered by Ethereum blockchain. Here the users can deposit DAI to reward their chosen creators. This DAI generates interest through DeFi. The chosen creators earn the interest from DAI deposit whereas the users can withdraw DAI anytime. This is the unique sponsorship model of the marketplace where the users end up sponsoring the creators with no loss as they do not reward them with money directly. The users can take part in the voting process of the products or they can commission the products by using their DAI deposit. The deposit here works like staking. The staking also generates the native token of the system ‘ALE’. Anyone can join the platform as a creator or user. The deepfake videos are generated using Alethea’s proprietary software. Alethea promotes deepfake eco-system. But it is also fighting against harmful usage of deepfake. Everything is auditable and transparent in Alethea's platform. Nowadays when we are debating regarding potential misuse of AI, Althea surely shows us a way out to harbour the technology.
Image Source - products displayed in the Alethea website

AI characters for sale

Can you remember the name of Ethereum community developer Alex Masmej? He came into news recently for tokenizing himself and launching the so-called ‘Human Public Offering’. He raised $20,000 by selling shares of himself. Oh! Quite a big achievement. The Ethereum guy Alex is the first product in Althea’s marketplace. After tokenizing himself, he has created a deepfake clone of himself. This clone can express and deliver customized dialogues as per the buyer’s wish. Alex is for sale at $99! Alex’s deepfake clone can utter 200 words as per the wish of the customers and the charge is $99. Everything is AI-generated and the AI model is trained on the voice and expressions of Alex. Althea AI charges 25% commission for the service and the remaining is the earning of the creator.

“Hello, I am an AI character based on a real person: Alex Masmej. I am the first permissioned AI character in Alethea AI’s Market, which means that my human counterpart owns the rights to decide which requests I fulfil, and which ones I do not. Unlike the real Alex, I can speak multiple languages, with various accents, and I do not need to take time off. I can help you discover the ever changing world of cryptocurrencies, give shoutouts to your loved ones, review videos, and much more – reach out to me for a booking request, and let’s get started!” – Sales pitch of Alex clone

AI & blockchain can solve many problems together by complementing each other. You can create a viral meme, mascot or parody instantly by AI. There can be unlimited use cases. Suppose you need to make one video commercial and you don’t have sufficient budget or your news commercial’s anchor becomes unavailable suddenly. AI can help you to create alternatives. The blockchain can keep AI accountable and auditable. Nowadays, we keep on chatting with AI bots in several sites. A face to face video interaction will be more fun! What say?



It is amazing the opportunities for monetization that are coming down the road. In the online world, all can be gamified.

This is a tremendous opportunity for humanity.

AI is going to change the out look for billions as long as we can get it into people's hands.

AI in the hands of the same elites will not turn out very good.

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AI along with blockchain can be game changer. Yes, we need more open source softwares. Future is going to be tokenised. :)

Am blow out to see the amazing opportunity this Al has bring. It will be very utilized and used just that the amount might seems expensive

I guess Don Exotic character fits me exactly. :) I will definitely buy it. Have a nice day...

Oh nice :)