Hive Curation Review : APR Increased to 19.7% from 11.7 %

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Curation is a fun activity on the platform and now I can say this because I have been doing it for over a month and within this. I have learned a lot. when I started doing curation my APR was just 3.2% and within two weeks I was able to take it to 11.7%


I shared my curation review post 2 weeks back and that time my APR was increased. I was holding 3.3k HP approx that time and today now I hold 7.5k HP. More Hive power helps me to give bigger vote value to authors and more curation reward to me.

I have completed four weeks on the curation and so far this is going great and I can say the growth I have seen in my APR is quite impressive. Usually, on dlease, we get 14-15% apr and I am able to fetch almost 20% apr as of now. This is a good reason me to look for more delegation through @dlease

This was my APR snapshot 2 weeks back and it shows APR as 11.7% and I posted it on 13 March 2021.


Today is 25 March 2021 and within 12 days this APR has gone significantly up and stands at 19.7


HiveStats Link for APR Check-

I am loving this new experience on the platform because I do manual curation and come across various awesome posts. I enjoy things that I have got in to because of curation-

  • I check PeakD 15-20 times in a day using my phone and it has increased my activity on the platform.
  • Great opportunity to read amazing posts which I was missing earlier
  • Additional reward in through curation along with author reward so it's even more fun.
  • I interact with many authors while curating posts and it helps me to connect with more people on the platform.

Curation is the reward of staking liquid tokens and if there would be more people curating then it will help the platform to grow and increase the trust as well. I have decided that I will continue to share my curation experience probably once in 2 weeks. I hope that it will help more people to get into the curation part. I know that my vote value is not bringing value in a few $$ but this will grow for sure with the passage of time. I am trying to get 10k HP soon. This additional will come through my own stake as well as some increased delegation through the lease.

Thank you so much


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Good stuff, I have been doing a mix of manual and auto curating for 4 years now. Discovering new and good content is a needed piece for the community.

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Absolutely true. I recently started and enjoying.. Its so much fun for me and good for the community as well.

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That is cool.
From your post, I can see that you have leased some HP from dlease and you are using that HP to curate manually on this platform?
How much HP did you get on lease and what APR are you paying, for how many weeks?

I am paying approx 14% Apr and earning 19% approx..have taken 4k hp lease.

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So, actually, you are making 5% which you may try to make 10% with more effort in the future.
not bad.

Hello @eeta0119, thank you for sharing this very useful information.
Your explanation helped me to understand the contribution of post curation on hive.
I like to read post from different topics and authors to diversify my walk through the platform, and I also found several people interested in topics that are also of my interest, it's fun to share, learn and offer my posts as well.
Greetings, happy weekend

Glad that you liked it. Thank you so much