My Experience with Splinterlands - A Game that is for Everyone

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Hello and Namaste Everyone

We play games for some fun time and entertainment. I have been playing games since my childhood and hope that many of you are like me. Earlier we used to think that gaming is mostly for kids to play but now things have changed and it's one of the growing segments and generates huge revenue every year.


Today in this post I am going to talk about my gaming experience on this blockchain-based platform. there are many games available to play but I play only Splinterlands and it's a card-based game.

What is Splinterlands Game-

This is a digital card-based game and we need to have various cards in our account. It's a paid game so if you want to play then you must buy a starter pack that cost $10 and then you start playing. Although there is an option to play practise battles as well it's not fun because you will not earn any reward so if you want to earn rewards then it's a must-pay 10 USD.


Why should You Play this game-

The first reason that you might like to play this game because you can earn while playing the game. The second reason is that I find it quite easy as compared to other games on the hive blockchain however I may be wrong because everyone has different skills and interest.

  • You earn DEC token with each winning battle and this token is tradable in Hive-Engine.
  • You earn rewards daily through Quest and also after the season end as per your ranking and league.
  • In rewards, you can get cards, DEC tokens and potions.
  • Cards are so advanced and attractive graphically that you will like for sure and with the latest editions like untamed or Dice, this has gone to the next level.
  • You also have the option to earn rewards in form of upvotes if you participate in social media and battle share challenge. You can get two upvotes in a week and if the content is so good then there are high chances that you will get an increased percentage of upvotes.
  • Tournaments are going on every day and you can take part get rewarded if you win.


My Experience-

I have completed more than one year on the game and I love the game. I joined this game with the thought that I will not invest anything and will continue to play with the stater pack cards. later on, I realized that I should put in some money so that I can earn even better rewards on this was a good decision.


After joining this game I started sharing my battle share and sometimes social media posts and this helped to earn quite a good amount of reward other than the battle rewards. Even after one year, I share my battle post every week and it's a kind of challenge that I love to participate in every week.

My game Account-

I did not invest any big amount but I am consistently playing the game. This is helping me to have a good reward and today my splinterlands game account value is approx USD 255. I hardly invested $50 in total so for me it's an impressive reward.


I used my rewards to reinvest to buy some nice cards. I hold over 65k DEC in my game account and all this is earned now purchased which I use from time to time for cards purchase.


I also hold DEC tokens in Steem-engine and Hive-engine. I also would like to mention that I can move these tokens to a game account or exchange account anytime and this process takes only a few seconds time to execute.


If you are a person who likes to play the game and earn through it then you are at the right place because there with just 10$ you can start earning. There is always an option to invest more and level up the game for better rewards but if you want to invest time only then also in on long run you can build a valuable splinterlands game account.

You can trade cards on the splintered website anytime and even packs are tradable in exchange. So you never have to worry if you try to cash out your rewards as it does not take long however I have no plans to cash out. I enjoy the game and play almost every day.

I tried to share the basic information about the game and not about the card so if you have any questions about it then please ask in the comment and I will try to reply soonest possible.

you can join the game using my link-

There are lots of giveaways that happen and if you keep an eye then you will be able to bag many. I used to do this a lot in the early days but later because of my busy schedule I could not continue however I still see it happening.


@splinterlands is one the leading game on Hive and it has got an active community and even the team is so hardworking as they keep on driving new things almost every month. User Interface is so easy that even a 5-year kid can play and enjoy the game. I play the battles mostly with my 7-year son and he enjoys it a lot and it's like another additional reward to me.

Thank you so much


I am glad you like the game and I also like it. Now that new users can use both untamed and beta cards. I predict most new users will probably lose many fights before getting a handle of the system as it is tough to fight with a lack of cards.

It is for everyone but only a few can understand. 😂, I tried playing it today, idk what I was doing I'm just clicking everywhere. My mama was going down.

you can check out help/faq section to learn. ts easy to play

Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

very well written and thoughtful post reeta. I hope you are really enjoying this game. Keep playing splinterlands and post awesome contents like this one

thank you so much for support. I love this game and its awesome

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Hello friend, the truth today there are many games that can leave us great benefits, I have heard about some, the truth has not interested me, but I think many people have managed to get good profits. Thanks for sharing, greetings and keep enjoying!

you nicely talked about this fantastic game bit on the blockchain and even I play this game everyday so I know how fun it is. along with the fun this game also gives a chance to earn money in form of crypto. Thanks for sharing this nice post with us