5 crypto news YouTube channels worth to watch

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In my recent posts, I informed about various YouTube channels, which are worthy to watch. The first part was about YouTubers, who do educational stuff. The second part about trading and technical analysis. This last part is about the list of YouTubers, who do (in my eyes) a very good job in informing about news stuff. So if you really don't want to be outdated with your information, you should check out at least a few of those guys.

Crypto YouTubers_3_1.jpg

If you go through my latest posts, of course, some of the YouTubers mentioned before informing about new stuff as well, Ivan on Tech and Crypto Lark are the most successful as I would pick these two from the bunch I gave you.

Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily are actually two guys, brothers Aaron & Austin Arnold. They bring a lot of info almost every day so give them a chance and get the info they spread.



Hashoshi is a guy I added to my own list recently. He does a lot of research about altcoins, so if you are interested in various topics around alts, just go and subscribe to him. His favorite projects in my eyes are Brave Browser and Cardano (and many more). From time to time, he also gives some altcoin/crypto/investment advice.


Chico Crypto

Tyler Swope is a guy from a small town Chico from California. He is one of the most intelligent guys in the crypto sphere in my opinion. He is ahead of some other people in research the new technologies and he has "his own" approach to serving information to the people. One of his last videos was about Elon Musk being potential Satoshi Nakamoto....believe it or not 🙂



Omar Bham is a superstar. With over 118k subscribers, he is one of the most influential crypto YouTubers. He does the show every day, sometimes he does videos even from his car.


Sunny Decree

Sunny is a YouTuber from Switzerland. He is at the last position of my list because he is not a typical "news guy" like Hashoshi or Altcoin Daily, but he deserves to be mentioned. He is not posting each and every day like the others. But still, there is something you need to know about him. When he is trading (doing TA) or informing about new coming technologies and cryptocurrencies, he has some special sense of describing stuff in a way that everyone understands it. He seems to be like "one of us" guy, not some superstar from the studio, but the ordinary guy who does his videos from his living room. If you feel the same from his videos, it is a good time to subscribe also his channel.



Education and information are the most important things nowadays. The speed of thought is spreading around the world in milliseconds due to the global internet. This applies to crypto sphere as well. If you get old information, you stuck in some or another position and not using your time effectively.

Go on and try to subscribe to at least two of those YouTubers to get always the last information about the most topics which you would like to know more about. Believe me, education and information is the key. Key to success!

Screens: YouTube, Photo: Pixabay

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Please check the latest post from @indiaunited community. You will get some idea. 🙂

nice post, Crypto 0 is good, i mostly listen to him, i will also check others

I like Hashoshi and Chico, check them at first. 😮

Nice recommendations, @ritxi.

Thanx :)

I like Chico Crypto, but I will check the others also... Thanks for sharing!

Chico is a smart one, but hating Cardano all the time, I still don't know why maybe bad investment to ADA 😀

hahhaaha... that's true.... tbh, I either don't like Cardano guy... Saw some videos with him where he was full of hate-speech and shit... and you don't do that if you are a "good man"... I know that people can piss you off, but whatever... as a public figure, you have to control yourself...


True sometimes he gets angry and probably should stay calm.

Cool list, thanks for sharing all this valuable info with us :)

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Thanx, hope you will find something/someone for yourself as well.

very good contribution, you can make an article but with twitter ?

Twitter influencers? That is not a bad idea, I have several that I follow and can be also valuable.

Jsem opravdu člověk z jiné doby. Knihu si občas nějakou přečtu, ale abych si ji pustil, to mě ještě nenapadlo.
Člověk si zapamatuje asi 7% z toho, co slyší. Ale až 15% toho, co je vidí (napsané). Zrak je náš hlavní nástroj pro vnímání.

Občas koukám i na obrázky u těch videí. Ale většinou si je stáhnu a poslouchám v podobě mp3. A i těch 7% je dost při tom co všechno denně vyslechnu 🙂

Thanks for the Hashoshi link. I've been looking for someone who really knows a lot about brave browser and I've been meaning to look into cardano.

This is a good series, this YouTube reviews