Investing In Your Personal Development

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Many of us express a desire to make money from different sources without a clear understanding of the basic thing that needs to be sorted out first. And that is having a stable source of income! To earn from different sources, you need stability. If you are pursuing two or more things at the same time, without a sure footing on any one, you will struggle to make any meaningful income in all, it is the stability you get in one that gives you the strength, courage and tenacity to build a second source of income. And it goes on till you have three or more. Invest in your personal development to the point of earning well on your day job before chasing other hustles, so as not to be average. Focus on that business and build a steady customer base before adding another line, so as not to be just another hustler.

Also I have noticed that the people who are most afraid of losing their money in an investment are those investing "smaller" funds. Please note the inverted commas. I agree that in light of the current economic situation, no amount is too small to lose. But in my experience, the folks who have 7 figures and above to invest ask fewer and more important questions than those in the lower ends of 6 figures. The latter are the ones who look for investments that offer 100% assurance, and they express the most anger when their investment hits the rock. The fact is that every investment you make has its own level of risk. The shorter the plan, the higher the risk. The higher the risk, the higher the reward.

If you are looking for investment plans that will protect your funds, then you need to go for long term investment plans. Stop looking for "100k to get 50% returns in 6 months" kind of plan if you are not ready for the risks involved. Go for longer term plans like Shares, Stocks, Real Estate and others. And for those, you will need (to save more to raise) good enough money, if you want to get great returns out of them.


Very good recommendations when investing, it is necessary to have planned the risks and mistakes that can be made.

sure that is really important and it will make you manage your risk

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Hello friend, investing in us will always be a great benefit, I think it is the best investment we can make. Our personal and job growth should be the most important thing for us. Thanks for sharing my friend, best regards!

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