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RE: [ESP | ENG] Top 3 of your favorite bands : Competition/ Top 3 de tus bandas favoritas

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Oh wow what have incentive so I don't recognize anything because I only live in America I'm sure the music's great and I'll try to get my earphones on this later I didn't like the Beatles as a kid but I do like them now and I understand more of the music better as an older but I don't know I'm trying to think forever to think of something


Mexican bands El Tri and Molotov have songs in English, I'm sure you'll like them, here are some videos for you to listen to when you find those headphones.

This one has Spanish and English by Molotov

And this is Tri when they were called Three souls in my mind in the late 60s.

I hope you like it, thanks for comment.

Thanks I copying them to saves for latee