24 hours until the BIGGEST VIBES AIRDROP

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Musicforlife Initial Airdrop

Always good vibes from the Musicforlife team, continuing with the update posts about the project, this time we want to explain a bit more about the initial airdrop of the tribe's token (VIBES) focused on rewarding our early adopters

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Airdrop - Token (VIBES)

Since the very beginning of the MUSICFORLIFE community, we raised the idea of turning it into a tribe, so from the first publication we have been tracking the posts made by each uses who have shared their music passion in the community (Obviously we have been choosing quality posts and those that we thought had a decent standar of quality).

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1st of March - the VIBES DAY

The airdrop will be on March 1, 40000 VIBES tokens will be split based on the percentage that each one has (the number of publications that a user has made and we have seen that it was optimal to count for the airdrop). Posts with poor quality or plagiarized wont count...

At this point if the price of vibes hold the $1 price the airdrop will have a potential value of $40K, even if the price of VIBES go down to $0.10, the airdrop will be really interesting for all the participants and music lovers that have been with us since the beggining. Plus we encourage you strongly to hold and stake your VIBES as we have really brilliant future coming for us.


We are very excited to see how the VIBES price reacts to the airdrop as will be the way the community gets (the 40%) of the initial supply. Would be cool to see the 75% of all the circulating supply staked ha.

Lets take a look in a general view of the airdrop. We are gonna share the final list with all the info after the airdrop is released.

pasted image 0 (2).png


Remember that you can still have 24 hours to participate in the airdrop, so I invite you to let your imagination and knowledge about music flow and show it to others, but you should also know the publications you make will be reviewed before they can be counted for the airdrop, like this We ask you to show your full potential.

Without more to say for now, Greetings and good vibes!


Looks like Mr @gribbles will be getting a good dose of VIBES! Nice!

Will try to get a music post out before the drop!

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Hello, old pal!

Yeah - it's nice 'cos I've not caned anything. Just posted to the community as normal with gribblynews and odd thoughts. You know me - eager to see if these things work without smashing the investment angle, or having to do anything wildly different to what yer average muso would want to manage ;-)

I think this community/tribe has real potential - mainly because it's NOT just a community of artists. There's a really healthy mix here - and if it can keep that mix, it might be an example of how tech like this can help support and grow a listener base. While also meeting lots of other interesting folk. Which is always fun.

I think there may be challenges in managing the information flow - lots of topics all mashed together will create another signal to noise challenge. And the Product Manager in me will enjoy seeing how they might manage that...but as this is their tribe, and not a fixed community in hive.blog, it's all up for grabs!

Yeah will be looking forward to seeing how this pans out and like that it's all aimed at non-musicians. Perhaps there will be different branches of musicforlife depending on music styles but will leave that up to the Founders to come up with the grand master plans 🙂

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I guess daily posting for the past few months helped me out on this airdrop. I do remember one night I did not post at all, was so sick couldn't even log on to computer lol. I have an addiction :p


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haha you nailed it! a fantastic effort will be rewarded :) hope you have strong hands to stake your vibes.

I'm so excited for this community. It's amazing how a project like this can inspire a person to create more and up their game. Now I can see why people in the financial community are so into Leo. I think this is going to be a good year ;)

Man, I wish I had known about this a week ago. I'm not really that guy, I don't really even create content. I just love reading and curating posts. I'll just have to save up and buy some later. Good Luck VIBE! happy Airdrop everyone!

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Oh :( you still have time to do your first post tough!! and really thanks for the good wishes

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Awesome 👏 I'm at 6.1 % exciting indeed √
Enjoy some !wine to celebrate...🍷 the cool Music #Vibes 😎

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Yeah!! hope you stake your vibes to get even more good vibes!!

I will probably stake at least 50% , possibly sell 50% to purchase more VIBESM √
Not sure yet! to be honest...

Well personally ill be buying some vibes hehe


Did I just upv0te you with Vibes? or just hive ?

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Soooo exciting!! I will definitely be staking what I get!! I'm in it for the long haul. Hive wins as the most supportive community to musicians and fans of music and Vibes is the icing on the cake!

thanks <3!!

I'm putting together my first post right now. The only question is that the initial post mentioned publishing on PeakD, which is a front end I never use. I had planned on posting right here in musicforlife.io I hope that counts as well as posting through Leofinance and Hive.

Well actually yeah, if you create the post through musicforlife/leo or evene hive and it appears on the tribe will count 100%

Thanks. It's 9:55 PM on 2/28/21. Should have my first Musicforlife post titled: "Good VIBErations! New Tribe Spotted in the Wild!" uploaded in a few minutes through Leofinance. I tried to be a little creative and imaginative with the introduction, so it should go live in a few minutes. Better late than never! :)

Oh bro!! awesome, our bad because was 24 hours since the post, and sadly the airdrop was like 10 hours ago :( . Man im sorry, tough you can cath cheap vibes on the market off the weak hands.

Sorry again, im gonna start using a time zone to these posts.

Not a problem, glad the tribe got off to a great start!

I had a lot of fun pretending I was the great safari leader who happens to discover your remote tribe and spreading the news to the world! :)

The post is below if anyone would like to take a look:

Good VIBErations! New Tribe Spotted in the Wild!

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I will give you a little gift in this comment, because the post was amazing and would have counted 100% !

Thank you so much! Have a wonderful, musical day!

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I posted a few times but haven't done much. I guess I should get a few tokens. If I stake it, I should be able to get them gradually.

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yep, anyways with the tokenomics of vibes even a few coins will be really worth

I posted to the community, but didn't see my name up there - don't forget me!😎🎹🎹

they are counting!!! dont worry :). Ill post the list soon he

🤓ok cool thanks I've never been airdropped im getting excited!

Great. I hope my first post qualifies for it. Anyways Great work and wish you success & the community.