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I hope you know this already, but M4L is not an isolated project, we are also @hashkings cofounders and we have a "mother" brand called ACADEMIA LIBERTAD . It is basically a YouTube channel and a community focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain gaming, in addition to creating projects and we are not just sharing information like other YouTube channels.

After a year and a rather slow start, we find between 500 to 1200 daily views (and growing), a discord with almost 700 people and more than 1,300 subs. In addition, we are PIONEERS in this niche YouTube channel in Spanish language, and we have a potential without competence.



Well, we just qualified and got approved for the youtube partner program, this means that the @al-gaming videos are currently producing an income.

So I thought of the great idea and after thinking about it, committing all the profits monthly (or whenever the minimum is reached) to use the profits (after taxes) of ALL the videos that are about MUSICFORLIFE to buy VIBES and burn them.



Well, I am among the first users to think that a hive project must have ways of attracting or generating capital in a way analogous to the capitalization of HIVE, or else we would be very dependent on the HIVE economy.

The scalability of this income is as great as the youtube community allows us, also that unlike HIVE, youtube videos are passive income forever (unless they are demonetized), as I understand each 1000 visits generate a range of between ($ 8- $30) depending on the ads, type of videos and different factors. This can escalate tremendously as the channel continues to grow and organically benefit VIBES 'economy, we currently have a new ASUS laptop and are putting together a decent new SET UP for videos. (thats why the fall in the views chart, we havent uploaded videos since 5 days ago because the new set up building)

As soon as we complete the minimum of ads revenue I will make a report with the first VIBES purchase-burn with this new source of income :)




I am super stoked to be not only a part of this community, but also an investor, and curator as well! I truly enjoy the different tastes in music that are appreciated here! 🤩

Congratulations on getting getting approved for ads. I remember your channel being talked about on the leomarkettalk thread since they said you got 1k subscribers. When I checked, it was 999 subscribers so I pulled the numbers up. I don't watch anything there as everything is in spanish though.

What a great idea! Makes sense to use the videos about MUSICFORLIFE to help MUSICFORLIFE by burning!

And no, we don't get bored with good news! :P

haha thanks!! we are working at 1000% to keep giving good news frequently .)

Felicidades por tu crecimiento en youtube amigo, como se pasa el tiempo tan rápido no? el camino al principio no es fácil pero al ser constante vendrán cosas buenas

I welcome buying VIBES but should we burn it when VIBES is having very small supply?

scarcity is one of the many ways to create value for VIBES. At the moment it can only bring benefits.

Stake your VIBES 😉

Well would be a problem if VIBES only had 0 or 1 decimals. But VIBES has 8 decimals, and the initial idea was that haha exchanging 0.000000x amount of VIBES for high amounts :). I mean thats goal

Nothing boring about good news haha! Congrats on getting your YT channel monetised, that's not easy to do in this day and age! Good call on burning the VIBES tokens, they are scarce already but what would the rate of burning be? Is that depending on the amount of income generated from your YT channel or is it a set % of the amount of new tokens minted as part of inflation?

hey thanks!! well first i think we are the first tribe with this model :), and yep will be based in the amount of usd after taxes that may be generated from the m4l videos

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing how it goes!

Congratulations on reaching this goal!!! You deserve it!! And that idea of buying Vibes to burn 🔥🔥🔥 is hot!!! Lol
I will continue recommending Academia Libertad youtube channel 😉

Esas son muy buenas noticias!
Y si, ya se extraña los vídeos en el canal, dando pautas, pistas de proyectos/ juegos y una reflexión jejeje!
Buenas vibras! 🤓✌️

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oye bro felicidades, es en ese preciso momento cuando te detienes a pensar y te dices a ti mismo "guao todos mis esfuerzos están dando muy buenos resultados" sigue a delante cumpliendo todas esas excelentes metas, que estoy seguro que al igual que yo, las demás personas te seguiremos apoyando, sea poco o sea mucho, pero el apoyo sera constante, no esta demás darte las gracias porque gracias a tu iniciativa logre iniciarme en este maravilloso mundo, y espero quedarme por muchisimo tiempo :) saludos bro.

Gracias for an awesome community
Look forward to having success following your lead
Rock on

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Me gusta mucho lo que has avanzado, parecía ayer cuando contabas por Ws que llegabas a los 500 subs, sigue asi, como dicen "el que persevera alcanza", espero ver muchos mas proyectos realizados. Te deseo lo mejor abrazos.