Musicforlife - Project Development #2

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It happened !! yesterday the airdrop of 40,000 VIBES was carried out, distributed among music lovers who joined and shared their publications in the musicforlife community on peakd from the first day of its creation until yesterday (counting all the new posts that were posted through musicforlife frontend

Let me share with you the list of all the winners of the airdrop and how we distributed the VIBES.

They were tracked and sent manually as the airdrop was done focusing our music lovers and strong hands users.

pasted image 0 (3).png

pasted image 0 (4).png

Its funny to see how is reacting the VIBES price, be sure of not regretting tomorrow of your today dumping. VIBES is a very scarce coin and the rewards will be reduce 21% each 2 months and half (2.1 M hive blocks)

Post rewards Fixed

Was really weird for me that even having 5k vibes staked the value of my upvotes was of (0.01 VIBES), so we checked together with the guy from hive-engine thats helping to manage the tribes, and was an issue or a setting bad settled and PUM!

Check out your new rewads:



We will be recruiting curators who will receive delegations from the @al-fund account for the proper fulfillment of their work. In addition, our manager @al-facugaba will rate the commitment of these curators since the number of delegated vibes may increase or decrease based on different factors.

Welcome to our first curators: @mejiasclaudia, @ejmh.vibes, @m4lcuration.

Soon we will create a main trail for upvotes and another for downvotes. The only thing we do not tolerate is trying to abuse the opportunity that the community is providing:

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Other Updates

Our dev @al-chocolatoso is working on setting the hosting of musicforlife by ourselves, our designer is creating several sketches for the new musicforlife interface because we want to change UI as quickly as possible !!

completo-fullcolor (2).png

Redes Sociales Oficiales 🐍


Great... I already powered up my chunk. I would be curating manually, but can't commit to a curation duty because of busy schedule. Good Luck & Congrats curators.

double thanks!! for the support and because staking your vibes.

good vibes always

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Hive Tour Update - Financial stages

Sounds exciting. Unfortunately, I missed it! Too much going on this weekend. Hopefully I'll get the chance to get some the old fashioned way: earn it. Looks like a fun community to be a part of....

yeah please!! all the interactivity will help the community

Congratulations on the release. Im fairly new to have received the airdrop but I hope I will be around enough time to get some! Rock On!

Rock on bro!!

hola me regalas un voto para empesar gratis

Hola stiven, ruego que pongas más esfuerzo en los posts y recibirás votos. No preguntes por votos ni cosas así pls

Awesome stuff guys and thanks for the airdrop! I've already staked and I bought up 120 this morning as some were dumping. Will probably buy some more I think whilst the going is good! Very much looking forward to the new front end!

thanks for the support nicky!! we are around 75% staked (counting our marketing/curators budget)!! thats amazing considering the airdrop.

That's amazing already! Not much left on the markets now since the initial airdrop but I'll keep putting in buy orders in case!

I have some miners that I got at 1.5 HIVE and will be sharing music as well to earn some more VIBES for staking!

Just checked and am beginning to see some buying action mixed in with the dumping. Some smart crypto people out there! :)

Yeah man, I think those tokens are going to be eaten up in no time! Grab them while they are hot!

Great work man. I think this is a great start. musicforlife to the moon ;) can't wait to see the new ui design.

Yeah totally amazing start and all thanks to the community <3. We are working a lot on upgrading it asap

Disappointed about missing the airdrop, you didn't give much notice. I only learned about the community 4 days ago.


Haha bro!! The airdrop was announced like 3-4 months ago together with the community 😂

But nah dont worry, you can buy some cheap vibes off the weak hands :)

Stay tuned if you dont want to miss anything else !!

sabes amigo estoy siguiendote desde que tenias apenas 400 subs en youtube y me alegra mucho que todos tus proyectos esten dando frutos sigue asi y espero seguir viendo mas avances de este tipo y seguirte en este camino que se llama libertad financiera saludos liuke

I missed out on the airdrop, I didn't write a post in time.
I have a few miners, so not all is lost... 😀

Airdrop received and I immediately staking! I am thinking of using an old disused account @ claudio83.ccc to delegate my tokens and merge them with to those of a curator!

The interface can certainly be improved, but slowly things will get better;)

As usual I don't understand who sells without even giving the project a chance, better for those who stay, we will have more to accumulate :)

thanks for staking bro!! in fact we are doing an amazing job as community


80% total staked after an airdrop of the 40% of the supply pufff you guys are amazing <3

Really a great start! It will be a long job but we are in no hurry! We share in the team;)
The world of music is truly huge and there are huge possibilities for growth. I also like that you will consider the NTF market which is growing exponentially!

good job

Thanks and sure!! My dev is already studying Music Nfts in hive and WAX that would be only bought with VIBES.

if in the future a new curator is needed and you don't know who to choose, I am applying :P

reach us on discord!!

I am glad to be involved with this esteemed group of music lovers that were deemed worthy to get the AirdropI have staked all of my A.D. and have been buying up all I can, including the miner. I would be interested in being a curator if you are looking for people to throw their hats in the ring. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer, and I would approach it as a job. I believe you know some of my background. I can be reached on the Discord server if the team thinks I would be a good fit.

Thank you for the airdrop
I regret for not posting daily and for a couple of months or so to have grabbed on more of these vibes :)
Look forward to seeing the curation trail to be followed.
Congratulations to all the curators @mejiasclaudia, @ejmh.vibes, @m4lcuration.
Rock On!

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What about @double-eagle? We've done 7 posts, with a lot more to come.