What is the M4L team doing?

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We have had very little time to stop to write a post, most of the updates are announced in the official discord of M4L.

Today we had the weekly team meeting, where we discussed and follow up on the things that each of the members has done during the week, and set new goals for the next one.

Globally the team is working on several things that will add value to the M4L ecosystem. Although the first thing I want to mention and thank is the work of @whoismyhero ( a community member), who created vibes.show.

Quoting his words

It is my pleasure to present you the first platform dedicated to Live Events for the M4L community with Vibes at its core.

Musicians can monetize concerts online using vibes as a value transaction, listeners can hear great music from talented artists in the community. The best thing is that anyone can participate in this project!

The new UI

As you can see in the example below, it is still under construction and it may not be as soon as we thought, but it is the first on the list to finish. Our UI / UX designer is working hard to bring personality to the aesthetic appearance of M4L.



M4L Radio

Radio is undoubtedly one of the first elements that will make M4L unique, focusing the love of music on empowering our artists. Community musicians will be able to upload their songs for free, and musicforlife.io users will be able to listen to them and also give them TIPS in vibes, which will reach the musicians' account.

(95% for the artist and 5% of the vibes will be burned or used in other projects to increase the value of M4L)

I can say its development is almost done, at 85% and we are currently putting the finishing touches on it before adding it to the frontend.

WAX NFTs collectibles

Undoubtedly the king of the NFTs, the WAX ​​blockchain is specialized in the creation of nfts and blockchain games, so it seems silly not to take advantage of this opportunity. M4L will launch trading card packs (we already have the designs ready), whose supply in part will be for giveaways, contests, sponsorships and another will be sold on the WAX ​​blockchain. The proceeds will be used to buy and BURN VIBES. A couple of cards from the collection, stay tuned to see the entire collection ;)



Currently having the designs done, we are working on the numbers, the distribution part and the corresponding verification in the WAX ​​atomhub. In addition, the NFTs will not only be collectible, in the future we will start an arcade project where the NFTs of our projects will be able to have a functionality.

Weekly statistics

Our dev is currently organizing everything to be able to do a weekly update of the tribe numbers. Example users, price, ads income, etc.

In this way we can appreciate the development of the project and work on our weak points.

ADS on musiscforlife.io

Yep, we are going to configure a space in the current frontend and in the new UI to place ads that generate a revenue for the project and that will be used for a development fund, innovations and some more stuff. We love to create stuff!!

Do not forget to enter our discord !! Good vibes always.




Thanks for the updates. It looks like you are creating good use cases for the token and I hope it is a decent sink for the VIBES tokens. Keep up the good work.

Congratulations! the community is growing impressively and the amount of projects is great ;)

Today i kill a goat for M4L, today tribe people are happy with dis news. Tonight we will dance, drink, make tribe music and eat my goat.

I'm very happy to be a part of this community!
Looking forward to the next Quarter!

Let's Rock and Roll 🌚🤞

Awesome Sauce.

You guys don't rest!!! Keep on the amazing work!

How beautiful NFT, thank you for this wonderful project that is music for life.

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