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Just my personal thoughts...

  • I'm a massive Music fan, even though I'm not a Music artist or Singer.

  • I'm not a big fan of "Downv0tes" because it causes frustration and disappointment to the poster. However, if a claim can be made to the M4L Team. Then a large Downv0te can be removed very easily with no harm done.

  • I myself, often post a YouTube video, but I try to make the story music related (in some way) to a "Daily Trending Topic" on Twitter. Where I also try to promote the #MusicForLife Community.

I love this Community, and the whole MUSIC VIBES ~ I truly hope it succeeds √

PS. I think 300 words is a bit high for most people. Perhaps 150 minimum would be more achievable. Especially Musicians, who take a long time creating their Music, and less time writing about it.