My Weekly Rising Star Status Update - May 14, 2020

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Hi fellow #risingstar fans!

Time for my weekly Rising Star update.






I've managed to go up about 2 1/2 levels since my last update focusing mostly on Shopping Mall gigs and Music Lessons, and will be hitting Level 55 soon. After that it will be a LONG haul to get to level 75 so I can start building my band. But I will just take it day by day. I may buy some XP cards to help speed up the process.

My ranking really tanked this week, down 30 spots, which kind of surprised me as I had been playing pretty religiously. But I haven't been buying cards much, and I guess that is what is hurting me. After I get my millionaire card I'm going to start buying packs with some of my earnings and that should really help me move up as well as earn even more.

Goal To Be A Millionaire

I've made great progress in my goal to be a Starbits millionaire. This week I've been trading #starbits back and forth trying to grow my stake and it was working pretty good for a few days. Chances are if you were buying or selling #starbits this last week you were dealing with me as I was squatting on both the Bid and the Ask for much of the week. But that has slowed down a lot lately as the spread has really tightened up.

I now have around 580,000 #starbits, up almost 300,000 since last week, with most of them in the VFTLab earning me some VFT. I also about 60,000 of that staking records.

At this pace I should have my million by the end of the month, maybe sooner if the trading starts paying off again.

Sending You All Good Vibrations

Thanks for reading! Till next time, keep getting those gigs in and earning those #starbits!



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At this pace I should have my million by the end of the month

Good luck. I think the card has been paying off already. It has only been around a week but I was able to buy 12 packs with 100k starbits earned over the week.

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Yeah, when I did the math and realized it was a 1% return per day I was like... time to start building towards that card.

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I have actually been letting the ego just fluctuate and not focus on music lessons anymore. The smaller / shorter missions all give you better payouts - This is a tip I got from @thatcryptodave and it really seems to be increasing my rewards. It's also much more fun not being so fixated on Ego! apparent 20% is a sweet spot! I'm yet to push it up that high. I'm trying to stack for packs here but hey, I keep spending my starbits!

I like music lessons because they are fast (1 hr) and give a lot of XP but only take 40% energy. I'm pushing to get my band so have been trying to get XP over earnings for now. By the way, I got one of those 10 XP cards, Wow! More like +100 XP card.

Yeh they work weird hey!!! Still need to figure that one out bit makes a huge difference!! Totally worth it!! I see if you levelling up then you need to do what you need to do. Unlocking band members suck. I have been at it for a week and nothing. Resorted to one mission a day so I can at least earn some decent income and but cards!

hey congratulations on your achievements! and one step away from being a millionaire! you are on the right track, greetings!

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