My Band is growing up :D

in Musicforlife 🎶last month

With a quantity of 2 members in my band I am already halfway there, recently the highest level missions have paid me miseries, I don't understand the reason but even so I will keep trying to get the third and fourth member of my band.

I also clarify that I go down more than 20 positions in and stay behind the first 100, this does not worry me because I must get the 4 members and advance to the next city.

Algo que me motivo a seguir es que mi banda tiene un buen sonido y espero que puedo meter algún instrumento mas y tener algo decente.

listen how it sounds


Yeah all about the progress and focus on your goals. Eye on the prize. I hope you unlock Al your band members soon soon!

thanks i hope the same :D

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ya estas cerca del top 100!! un ultimo empujos y estas!!

No tengo apuro en volver al top 100 lo que más importa es desbloquear a los 2 integrantes restantes

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