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Hello all friends,

More playing means more starbits.

Sharing my game status....


Completed total 1427missions till now. At current Ego meter 38%, which is on high side. Performing the music lessons to lower the ego meter reading.

Have you tried the new tab added in the game - Custom Shop

The tab has two sub categories :- Guitar Fair and Crafting.
The Guitar Fair cost 1000 Starbits to start a mission.


With every mission completed you will have a random chance to find a guitar part. Their is probabilities for each part. Perform the more missions to get more parts. Keep in mind every mission need 1000 Starbits.
So at present main concentration is Ego and crafting the Guitars...

Have you tried the Custom Shop Yet?

Have you start playing the game if not feel free to use my referral link and start earn Starbits token.



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