🎸✨Rising Star Game : My Current Progress - Getting resy for Starbits Millionaire ✨🎸

Hello All Music and Rising Star lovers,

Hope you all are doing good setting new records in this game.

I am back with my game status again.

I am still able to keep the ego level down to 0%, which is great. 😎😎


I bought some starbits form the market and i have more than 500K starbits now.

My Current Strategy:

I am focusing on increasing my starbits earnings so i decided to come up with a new game plan. I decided to get access to Starbits Millionaire special mission. But for that one need 1000K starbits. I only had around 150K starbits. So i decided to buy the remaning from market to make myself eligible. I placed multiple orders with different buy rates. Some of the orders have been executed but 2 are still open. Once i get rest of remaining 260K starbits, i will be able to do special mission and earn 10000 starbits daily.


I am also doing at least 1 custom shop mission to collect more guitar parts. Last week, I was looking for guitarbody1 and goldmachinehead body part because these were they only part i was missing to mint new guitar with maximum luck. I got luck and got guitarbody1 from one of the mission and i am only waiting for the last part now.


My current Stats:

  • Total missions - 1575
  • Current Level - 64
  • EGO - 0%
  • Number of Fans - 1911(out of which 402 are drunk/temporary)
  • Total Skills - 5701 ( From Cards: 852, From Lessons: 4075 )
  • Luck - 374
  • Income Modifier - 25
  • Total number of cards - 62

Special thanks to @apprentice001, @playbyhive, @musicuniversity and @mawit07 for their amazing giveaway initiatives and help so far.



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congratulations!!! I wanna learn to much about this game. I love it

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Cool. The game is simple,
Do missions daily, You need certain energy level to complete curtains levels. Each mission will give you certain number of starbits and ego. Do Music lesson missions to gain skills to bring your ego down as ego will decrease the starbits reward from mission.
That simple, is not it ?

Great work. I'm also looking forward to increase my starbits so that I can also have 1000k to do star bits millionare mission.

Nice, that would be good.
This will really help with starbit stake. More starbits means we can buy more cards etc. Definitely a good plan.
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awesome work! I also started crafting this week. one part a day is my thing. I figure it will help me get some new cards! i save most of my starbits for packs as well. chasing those legendary cards but have had no luck yet!

I am doing a Custom Shop missions daily. This is good strategy. This way you will be able to stake earned starbits as well as each mission cost 1K startbits.
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felicidades a los ganadores ,yo en Risingstar , mio meta por los momentos es tener mis primeras 1000 misiones me faltan como 200 ya casi lo logro un saludo a todos

Buena suerte con el resto de misiones. Te deseo suerte y espero que los termines pronto. Sigue rockeando.