Rising Stars - 12 Pack Opening Results!!!

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Opening 12 Pack of Cards and is Results

I was too eager to wait and had additional Hive left to purchase enough to reach 100k Starbits and decided to make that leap and just buy the remainder today. That way now I can open 12 packs of cards and have a decent boost in ranking, I hope!

Pack 1


Pack 2


Pack 3


Pack 4


Pack 5


Pack 6


Pack 7


Pack 8


Pack 9


Pack 10


Pack 11


Pack 12


From the results a was a little disappointed in that I was not able to obtain a special promotion card to participate in the current special mission. I also did not get more than 1 epic and that epic was just instrument. Although I get +200 luck points just from that 1 epic instrument I prefer to have more musicians. Even with the musicians I had they were multiples rather than much of any new cards. I still want to purchase more boosters so for now I am saving my next 100k Starbits for that.

My Stats and Card Collection Updates


Adding literally 36 cards to the set and doing a couple of trades I am able to boost my stats a bit. Yet here is the sad part to all this. Even with 12 packs I was unable to obtain promotion card to participate in this valentine event and the new cards only boosted my ranking up a few spots.


Not ideally what I expected for spending 100k Starbits and now I have to expect less out of the Starbits I invest in since many of the top 100 players have a decent collection of cards. So in order for me to really move up in ranking I will likely have to invest a lot more.

Thanks for reading and hope everyone become a rising star!!!

If you have not started playing Rising Stars please try it out. Link in pictures below and the game is FREE once you create an Hive account.




At least you bav up to 83!! Whoop whoop!

I must admit that I was super excited when I saw your post but also pretty disappointed when I opened. Im currently saving starbits and almost enough for 12 packs, but I'm thinking maybe I should just go all the way to millionares card. Packs don't always bring you the best results it seems.

I'm working my way to my free pack at 1000 missions then I'll make my decision once I bring my ego down for those babies!

It is really random with the pack openings. This is my second set of 12 pack. My first brought me much better success. I think that has to do a lot with what cards I owned prior to buying another 12 packs. You see if it was your first 12 packs ever you will likely benefit a lot since many of the individual cards will be your first, while additional packs it becomes less likely a card you do not have before and that minimizes your potential of more points to rise in rank.

Thats the thing I have quite a few of those and also I see the same cards being. Opened in many packs by many people. I wonder if you open packs up at different times will it yield better results. I'm not in a rush to rank, coz I know the millionare card is going to be a game changer. But maybe I will but 1 single pack instead everytime I hit a 100k to keep things interesting in my deck.

Also 12 packs and not one romeo!! I'm disappointed!

Certainly will take a bit to get to 1 million but more power to you. I could not even hold off for a full month before I earned 100k Starbits and bought like 70k of it on hive-engine to make it that far. I am not the type of person that has patience in waiting although I do believe ROI would likely be better with the 1 million Starbits card. At 1 million, it only takes four days to accumulate 120k Starbits which is enough to get 12 packs. To save now and moon in ranking down the road when you do have 1 million is really not a bad idea.

k Yeah, my goal is obvs long term but I'm not gonna lie to you it takes will power! I caved days ago and bought a pack. Its been 10 days and I earned about 19k ingame starbits and traded on HE for 40! so its going to be a long term goal. Hence I think I will treat myself with a single pack now and then, will also increase starbits yield and also give me the challenge to get the ego down!

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