Rising Stars - A New Personal Best, 54th...

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Ranked 54th for the Day

I went on another buying spree in the markets and now am close to a 600 card total collection. I decided to allocate more Hive into Rising Stars since dCity's SIM value and Splinterland's DEC value with respect to Hive are dropping rapidly. Too much to bear to invest in them when I feel it continues to be a losing cause to buy, but I am still standing by those games and remain active in them. For Rising Stars I play it so often that it only made sense that I diverted more resources into it to see how far I can go.

A personal best rank at 54th. This earns me 0.12 swap.hive a day which is decent but considering how much I recently invested on top of my original investments in the game in the short term I am still in the hole even for Rising Stars. I am going to ignore what I spent and enjoy my experience. At the end of the day I have been enjoying the music and game play in Rising Stars so makes good sense I do well in it.

My Stats and Card Collection Updates


It should not come as a surprise how much increase in my stats since I rose up in ranks. As I mentioned earlier I am now close to 600 cards versus yesterday I was still under 500. I will hold off on purchasing more now and see how I fair in these slight higher ranks.

Note my skill points have now increased to over 13k as I have focused on music lessons and on average each lesson I have been averaging close to 250 skill points. Not bad for investing so much in luck and instrument cards. I now have the flexibility to add more fan point cards without increasing my Ego too much.

Thanks for reading and hope everyone become a rising star!!!

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If you have not started playing Rising Stars please try it out. Link in pictures below and the game is FREE once you create an Hive account.




Very cool. Stats are looking fine!! And rank is Excellent!!

I don't play Dcity bit also been a lot more active in Rising star the a spliterlands. I'm a bit bored of the latter. All. The throttling on the game and nothing new has been happening.

I completely agree about DEC and SIM to HIVE price going down. I think one of the reasons why it was stable before was because HIVE's price was low. But now that HIVE has started pumping, Starbits have been relatively stable.

Congratulations on your new personal best ranking.




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