Rising Stars - Newbie of Crafting Guitars and Drums

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Appreciate the response from @vcelier on my previous post regarding to how craft NFTs are earned in Rising Stars.


To my surprise if one has plenty of Starbits and energy it does not take long to earn enough parts to craft NFTs. As I write this I have just earned chromemachinehead, silverstrings, and chromepicks. I would assume play a few more to get one guitar and I would be able to craft a NFT. The five minute per part allows me to be active in the game versus the long mission minutes.

Back down to 79th

Speaking of mission minutes I am back down to 79th and it is again due to my lack of total mission minutes accumulated over a 7 day period. I basically drop more than 2000 minutes over the course of the past few days which is not ideal but makes me aware how much more I have to play missions on in order to stay up in rankings.


My Stats and Card Collection Updates


I went on a shopping spree and accumulated a total of 400 cards in my collection. All my stats got a good size boost and specifically my Luck with over 700 points added. I hope this will help accelerate my gains in skill points as I play less music lessons but earn similar amount of skill points. This due in part the more Luck I have the more skill points potentially I can earn per music lesson. I do look forward to seeing my rank for tomorrow since I added to the collection post ranking in today's results.

With spending a bit of energy on crafting NFTs I did not gain much experience today so that is a major drawback for crafting NFTs. The gains in XP simply limited. So for today I remain at level 134.

Thanks for reading and hope everyone become a rising star!!!

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If you have not started playing Rising Stars please try it out. Link in pictures below and the game is FREE once you create an Hive account.




That's so cool! you making me itch to shop for cards.

For me, crafting seems a bit of a hit and miss. I notice players have to build up a lot of stock in parts before they can craft the cool cards. but totally worth it f that is your goal for the game at present. I will probably get there in time, 40% to millionaire now, I'm hoping to get there in the next month and a half! Then its shopping for cards and then crafting for me!


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That information about instrument crafting is nice to know. It might be a long while though as I am aiming for the starbit millionaire title and I lack cards so card packs after.