Rising Stars - Up One Rank to 53rd

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Now Ranked 53rd

In the process of playing more missions I have also earned more mission minutes. This in turn lead to increase in overall points and help me keep up in the ranks of top 100. Ideally I hope to stay in this range of ranks as daily swap.hive rewards is turning into a bit more useful. If I hold this ranking for at least 10 days I basically earn 1 swap.hive. May not sound like much but it adds up in the long run.

My Stats and Card Collection Updates


My skill points continue to rise as I continue to rake in points after music lessons. I can never get too much skill points. On the side I am able to play a few missions that earns Starbits daily and can average out 12k - 14k a day. The Starbits will help me buy more cards in the near future.

Now I am level 140 so only ten more to go before I get to partake on the next mission.


Thanks for reading and hope everyone become a rising star!!!

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If you have not started playing Rising Stars please try it out. Link in pictures below and the game is FREE once you create an Hive account.




Great progress. So exciting. I agree. All the rewards add up. Soon 1 swap hive will increase. Also as the reward pool increases that rank will get you more and more!

Thanks. Good point that the reward pool has potential to increase.

No problem. Gotta think long term! Bitcoin was a shitcoin too once upon a time ago ;)

Are you including the starbits millioniare mission as part of your 12-14k? I think i am getting around 2-4k per day on average right now.

Yes including to daily 10k from millionaire. If not 2k-4K similarly to what you have. I have noticed with more luck point I tend to earn closer to the higher range of starbits in each mission.

Oh that's nice to know. Sometimes the starbits you get from missions are so random so its hard to predict your earnings everyday. Do you think it helps you get the higher range for music lessons as well?

earning starbits in mission still feels random to me but skill points in music lessons definitely a lot more points each time I complete the lesson.


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