Rising Stars - Up Some Ranks Today

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Buying Multiple Cards Quick and Easy

First a quick update with the additional cards in my collection I am now again ranked 76th. I do not remember exactly how quick I got over 400 cards but it was a while when I was in the 300 range. Now with investing more into the game I am battling for a higher rank.

Now on to title of this section, buying multiple cards quick and easy. For a while now I have still not gotten use to Rising Star's internal market place. The search is slow and difficult to go through, while it is also difficult to make card purchases quickly if I wanted to buy in bulk. Here lies a 3rd party website that makes it easier.

Is link to NFTMart.


The website is easy to use and players can filter out cards at specific price per different currencies ranging from Hive all the way to Starbits. Best part is to purchase multiple cards players only have to click on the individual cards they wish to buy and it click counts toward one of the cards. Therefore 10 clicks creates a basket of 10 cards for that are summed and player simply have to only pay one time. The speed of obtaining the cards after purchase is pretty much as quick as the in game market.

My Stats and Card Collection Updates


I invested more Hive to get another batch of cards and now will await for tomorrow's results for what is close to a 500 card collection. Mostly increase in my luck points but I also got over 10k in skill points.

I am level 136 and rising steadily. Now though the XP to make it to the next level are a bit higher so it is taking me slightly more than 24 hours to move up a level. Still I am making progress.

Thanks for reading and hope everyone become a rising star!!!

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If you have not started playing Rising Stars please try it out. Link in pictures below and the game is FREE once you create an Hive account.





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Is there any reason why you want the luck stat so much? I know it can increase the maximum you get from music lessons but it also increases the number of drunk fans. I think it does make the mission ego a joke and it would probably end up being your luck with drunk fans to determine your ego.

I am in search of earning booster cards in missions. Word around is you get better odds of finding booster cards in missions if you have more luck.

I asked in Discord and it's in the FAQ for the game. Having more luck will increase your chance of collection the front-page items but it will have zero effect on random game items like pizzas, coffees and four-leaf clovers.

Yep I am aware. I am in search of fan and xp boosters

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