Free Drum & Bass Tune For Sunday

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Well it seemed appropriate to share this one given the sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in with this pandemic. In the UK, we're already in the "toughest" lockdown restrictions but there's talks of making things even more restrictive as our cases and covid related deaths soar. It really does feel like the end of the world at times but in times of tribulation is when the greatest creativity comes about!

For me, it usually comes out in the form of drum and bass music, although if you have been following me this year, you'd have seen a new Trance music release on the 1st January 2021 but thought I'd get back to DnB with this free download I shared a couple of months ago (click the down arrow to get your copy):

The track itself is a remix of an artist's tune called "Blindstate" who I met on an old label from many years back. He got in touch recently but I'm limiting my online time in 2021 and after stepping back or completing a few projects at the end of 2020, I'm going to be focusing on offline matters with the occasional post here once or twice per week (probably at weekends).

I heard there's a new radio show hosted by @d-vine and @tygertyger called which is on MSP waves every Saturday. It looks to be a sweet upgrade from Spotlight on the Artist that used to be on but I need to catch up to the latest debut show! I'll be on there in a couple of weeks time to present my latest release so should be good fun!

Despite all the lockdown restrictions, we are at least allowed to meet up with 1 other person and this weekend, I hiked with my brother yesterday for 7.5 miles and my friend today for 12.7 miles so it's time to just chill and brace myself for the new working week ahead!

Take care everyone, hope you had a good week and enjoy the tune!



Though the track is called "End of the World", it doesn't sound like it; Makes me feel alive when listening :)
More offline time means more music productions?

Thanks for listening in man!

I think the original artist wanted to give a tranquil feel to his original track, almost as if one is at piece with things. The cover image he used was of an astronaut drifting into space which was pretty dark though!

The "found peace with it" is the message I wanted to get across and focusing on the one thing we can control, our response/thoughts to a bad event.

I'm definitely hoping to get more time for productions and so share more creations with everyone! Even if the final track only takes people's minds away for a couple of minutes 😊

Even if the final track only takes people's minds away for a couple of minutes 😊

Thats is the core of music :)

ps You are not so much offline, guess you need to get asjusted still 🙃

This post gives you a point for the initial distribution of our tribe's token. 🎶

Thank you very much! Have you got more information about the token? Is there a post about it?

Thanks for the shoutout can't wait to have you on the show 🙃

It will be great to chat to you all again!

Sweet tune! thanks for brightening my day. I appreciate you.

Thanks a lot mate! Glad you enjoyed it and that your day is a little brighter - we need some sunshine in these times, music is soul food 🙂

Thanks for the nice and chill tune! 👏 👏 😎 📢 🎼 🎧

Thanks for listening in man! Happy you enjoyed it!

You're welcome :)

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.