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What's happening Music Lovers? I've just started getting stuck in to MusicForLife over the last couple of days so thought I'd introduce myself to the new community as I'm looking forward to getting involved, sharing my music and bringing the good VIBES! I have just received a cool notification that I've been on the HIVE blockchain for 3 years today but it will take a lifetime to understand even half of what exciting developments happen in this place - I'll save that for another day. So, who am I?

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

☝️ That... is not me haha!

I'm predominantly a Liquid Drum & Bass music producer & DJ from the UK but I have been branching out to other electronic music genres in 2021 such as Trance which get released on to Spotify or Apple Music via the label I co-run called Electronic Alliance Records (more on that later)!

With the launch of this new platform, I'm hoping to share some exclusives with you all before they get released to the wider public so if high energy, positive and mostly uplifting music is your thing, then hit that follow button!

Here is my Travel Diaries EP from last year for you to enjoy!

The Beginning

My music journey began when I received my first keyboard in 1996 as a birthday present which got absolutely hammered for about 16 years as I just aimlessly played around on every corner of it! I'm pretty sure most of the buttons didn't work by the time I got rid of it! It wasn't until 2011 that I came across music software from my friend at Uni where I was able to finally put all of these tunes I'd built up through that time into digital format like mp3. This was a revelation for me and never looked back!

I've also worked with some talented DJs and, up until the end of 2020, had a monthly radio show with DJ Pi called The Platform Project where we aimed to bring back-to-back DJ mixes live on air of underground artists, giving them a platform to springboard their own music journey. Alongside that, there was the Electronic Music Alliance.

Electronic Music Alliance

I've been signed to a few labels before setting up my own in 2019 with two legends called Bufinjer and DaveyHub called the Electronic Alliance Records! This label is part of the community we co-founded called the Electronic Music Alliance which has grown substantially over the last 2 and a bit years and is frothing at the brim with talented electronic music producers.


We wanted to create a place where music producers across the globe could come together and form epic collaborations, share ideas and help give them a platform for them to grow and a safe space to come to away from the troubles of the world. Although I've taken a step down from my involvement since the beginning of 2021, the awesome members are keeping the spirit alive and spreading positive vibes about the place!

There are already a couple of them who have set up an account on HIVE and you may recognise already - @gribbles, @stickupboys, @bufinjer, @skaarl, @tygertyger, @d-vine and @awakingelements to name a few of the EMAliens that have made their way in to the blockchain world! In fact, it was members of another community - @atomcollector (which is now @risingstargame) - that really opened my eyes to music and blockchain sites back in 2018 but I stayed on HIVE and shared my ramblings over the last 3 years!


I'm looking forward to sharing my music with you, as well as radio shows that I may appear on, plus other people's music that I've heard recently and just couldn't get enough of! I was reading @d-vine's intro post and it inspired me to tell you a little about myself - she co-hosts a radio show on HIVE called with @tygertyger where musicians have a place to talk about and share their music and I often gatecrash their shows lol!

Anyway, that's all I got for now, hope you're still with me and will catch you in the next one!

Take it easy


P.S. Sorry if I've missed names out on my list of absolute legends - please lambast me in the comments below haha! Shout outs also to:



Now I realise your involvement in EMA even better: Super!

You travelling diaries, quite a bit of trance. Like 'Travelling Man' and 'Night Sky'. The later D&B obviously :) You seem to have some 'trancy' influences in your D&B (like the set recording you shared in your 'Spread the Vibes' post). Oww well, maybe not trancy, but more melodic to what I know from the D&B genre. For sure something I seem to like! :)

I do hope clubs (or at least outdoor events) can happen this spring, so you are able to DJ again. In NL, events are being scheduled. A friend gets more and more requests for her DJs again, not only for NL, but for all over the world. But most of those events may not happen. We are waiting to learn if the festival we sooo much love, somewhere in the rural areas of northeast Germany, will happen this year. Planning started, but the permit doesn't seem to be in yet. But when it happens, it's gonna be two weeks of music, art, and great people!

You're right man, trance is a big influence on my music too - it was my first love before finding DnB and I still like listening to the anthems I heard from 1999-2004 on Ministry of Sound. I have a new trance release out on Friday which may interest you - it's a little faster than the usual BPM, not sure why I did it but maybe it's the dnb side of me not being happy with life at 130 BPM haha!

I'm more of a hobbyist than a professional and have got more out of sharing my music on crypto sites (pretty much HIVE) than anywhere else which is more than I could have hoped for! It's great to hear that events are starting to be scheduled again in NL. We're a long way off that in UK, I have doubts for the end of the year but hopefully things will come back to life again but possibly 2022... I keep my fingers crossed that the festival happens and your friend can get back to DJing again!

Hahaha 13- bpm is something else than D&B indeed. You may try hardstyle or happy hardcore? BPM wise you are in the area 🙂 I really don't like this Dutch-born genre, but I respect it and understand why others like it so much.

Festivals, who knows what will happen. This weekend I received the information that one of the festivals I go to every year is planning for this year still, ie not abandoned 2021 completely. I do hope so, it'll be 2x 6 days of music. I think I need a whole month, but I settle for two weeks 🤣

I've tried hardstyle before actually - my only attempt was inspired by a music genre contest here on HIVE a year or two ago - I called the track Drop It and it was released as part of an EP called "Out of our Comfort Zone" - I did some research on what the genre is about but did find it a tough one so probably not truly hardstyle but it was fun, learned some new techniques :)


Fingers crossed that things aren't totally abandoned - I would need the rest of the year off to recover from that 😂

Hahahaha Ok Ok, you've tried that side of things: Nice 🙂 I have no clue what is real hardstyle, hardcore or whatever. Not too familar with all the sub-genres in that side of thing. Listening to your track, I would think it has some GOA trance (psytrance) elements in it, next to the elements of hardstyle/hardcore. Also Trance elements. Must be some sub-genre around, dedicated to that sound.

I would need the rest of the year off to recover from that

From a two week week music festivals with none stop music at more than 15 stages? I guess I need as well, until the next great festival or club night. When that is a week after, I'll revive myself no matter what.

Yeah the tutorials I found for beginners to producing hardstyle said that it's got elements of hard trance, psytrance and some messed up distorted kick with loud noises so that's what I went for! Also in the mix that was shared to get inspiration from, a lot of these tracks had that feel about them so I tried that - have no idea genre mine is but what the hell, it was good fun!

Haha! Oh yeah, I'm sure you'll find the energy and "2nd wind" as we call it here where you think you're down and out but you find something that just propels you even more... I've yet to find the 3rd wind and beyond though 😃

Finding the 3rd wind is maybe a little bit more difficult at my age, but done the 4th, 5th, 6th, nth winds many times a decade, two decades and almost 3 decades ago 🤪

Hahaha! Proper raver, love it! These days, it's an "achievement" if I have made it past 23:00 😃

Naming all the coolest peeps on this blockchain. (apart from me 😄)

Let's go to the moon 🗼 Nicky

Ah shit! I will correct that - IMMEDIATELY! Seems I know and met more cool people on here than I can remember - it's going to turn in to a mention spam fest at this rate 😂

Let's do this!

Hahaha I can't believe that you actually edited, I was only (half) kidding ^^

Just spam, no one will complain don't worry

Haha all part of the jokes man 😄 Gotta have some fun hey!

Have you done your intro post? You know what to do - (spam appropriately haha)

OOohhhh so I gotta do a post also? Wow I am so slow haha

Haha you don't have to man! I know you're a busy guy but I'd say it's a good chance to help build and support another project that's aiming to spread good vibes about all things music!

OK cool will do!

LOL :)

Much love friend, glad you are well!

Thanks mate! Yeah all ok here, hope you're good too!

I am on EMA too what am I chopped EMA Liver lol

Lol, you got a mention! Quit your whining haha

PAH!No PiE 4 you ..well maybe 3 crumbs :P

That's fine, I'm not burning too many calories these days soooooo 😜

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Haha @tygertyger that is hysterical! 😂

hahahahaha, so the profile pic of nick is a deep fake then! :)

Kinda its his before covid shot LOL - now all the movement he gats is back and forth to the fridge and of late he uses the scooter 😂

Hahaha Deep Fake AND Lazy Nick

HAHAHA!! I was waiting for it, she's back!



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Lol, stop stalking me!



HA YOu're gonna get FAAAAAAAAAAT

So pleased that M4L is getting some Havey attention. One of the most supportive and helpful chaps I've come across online. Was a real help to me as I was getting my head around this crypto shizz.

And he's definitely not paying me to say nice things about him.

(Send the Hive to the usual address, mate)

Happy to help out mate! Hopefully we can get more of the EMAliens on board and sharing their tunes here as well!

Yeah private memo payment mate, you know the score 😉

Yep Yep, agree. But you are absolutely sure you don't get paid for these words? Just kidding {LOL}

Well, I will if some nice people click on the upvote button! :grin:

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here you go 🤣

Aw. I feel all warm and fuzzy now. 😁

Mission accomplished 😉

Hey, it's good to see you over here on the musicforlife community!
I remember seeing your name on the old steem platform, and on Discord.
I'm really enjoying your Travel Diaries EP right now! I'm going to have to follow you on soundcloud.

Yeah I was on STEEM but everyone vanished to HIVE so I followed suit and moved over too! Loving it! Thanks for the warm welcome to M4L and follow! Glad you're enjoying the Travel Diaries! Travel and dnb, two of my favourite things 😃

So nice to have musicians in the community. I play guitar as a hobby and try producing some ideas in FL studio DAW

Hey hey nice to meet you too! That's awesome to hear you play the guitar - I use FL Studio too, it's an awesome DAW! Do you share your creations on Hive/music4life?

Thanks for the mention @nickyhavey! I really should probably get on here more! 😂

Yeah man, I'd say so 😀