New Activity Title - Morning Run!

in hive-176853 •  28 days ago 

I just finished a 10.0km running that lasted about 1hh:25mm:0ss !

Good day!
I went to sleep after 9AM! yeah, AM, it wasn't PM.
I had several reasons and one of them is hunting. My friend wanted to get a Starbucks summer bag and she asked me to help. I was surprised! People are crazy. They wake up at night and go to the Starbucks around 2-3 hours before it opens. They stand in line and wait! But, it doesn't guarantee that they will get that bag, because bags are delivered to store not every day, and of course, there are not so many bags. And no one knows the exact quantity!
ANyways, i ran as I never did before hahaha and we still couldn't get it haha
It was funny haha


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