Evening Ride 2021-09-18


I just finished a 15.784km cycling that lasted about 2hh:44mm:0ss !
I had to courage to get back to place from my morning ride. And it got even surprisingly better.
While I was picking up the big parts, cans and bottles, two teens showed up and offered my their bottle collection. I did ask them for picture but they denied that and I was to stupid to ask their names. Great guys anyways. The red one is of them. Amazing.
After I was done collecting stuff, I realized that I forget the lock for my bike. So I had rush home, get the lock, rush back and hope no finds my pile trash and my backpack.
As arrived with the lock and the trash side, everything was still there. I guess no wonder^^
So I grab the backpack on and attached the yellow bag to it. The red back hang around the right side of the handle bar. It was that heavy that I had constantly so steer left and push real hard with my right arm.
I couldn't get faster than something like 10 km/h, because the amount of vibration set the red bag in such much that I all most fell over. But luckly the way to the supermarket was only down hill any incline and I would have to walk.





But no activity tomorrow besides walk the dog. That was pretty pretty heavy.

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