Meme challenge #189 - Entry #1

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worst selfie.jpg

Did this ever happen to you?

When something bad comes we focus on that bad part however little do we realize that the bad part can pass too and we may come out of it stronger.

The outcome

The outcome after the difficult part passes can be quite different than what we had anticipated.

Would the current economic situation turn positive

Well it is difficult to say how much time it is going to take for the situations to improve.

The world economy is complex

So it would be difficult to find a quick fix solution for the global economy.
It would take a lot of effort and wisdom for bringing the economy on track.
Yet we need a solution.
The current economy is shaping in a different way with a lot of disparity emerging. The rich are getting richer and the middle classes are getting crushed under the pressure of the current economic solution.
Hope this situation improves and the outcome is better than the dark clouds of uncertainty that are prevailing right now.

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