Meme challenge #194 Entry #1 Investing and the waiting game

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The same happens with our investments

We invest our time waiting for our investments to grow and give us a good return.
However when we are investing in Leo and interface we can invest our money to Hodl and stake the leo tokens at the same time we can invest our time to create useful finance related content.
Both are good ways to get rewarded and see our investments grow.

Besides this one has to mention that the community is a tremendously agile motivated and focused community so one could simply hold the leo tokens and see their value grow over time.

Waiting is a game too

The audience waits for the game to start. The players wait for the opportunity to strike a goal.
The soda seller waits for the interval so that the spectators can buy things from his counter.
Investors wait for the right investment opportunity and the right time to invest and exit.


Waiting is the name of the game.

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absolutely one needs to be very patient for sure.
Luckily and hopefully with Leo there would be little/shorter wait as so much development keeps happening all the time acting as trigger to get in and hodl.
It is turning into kind of a multibagger of sorts

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