A trip to Anasakti Ashram At Kausani

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Hello /Namaskaar 🙏 to all my hive friends hope you all are doing great and having fun in your life and enjoying a lot with your family members.

Its been a while I haven't been in a trip last week me with my school mates went in a trip that was not that far from my hometown the place is very beautiful indeed the place is kausani.

I have already some of the photography in my Past Post.

I have taken some amazing photography I am not appreciating my self but you will see it I am right or wrong.

The place is rebuilding that's why there are some stuff all over the area I think this will all done in a month or two if I will get chance to visit this place then I will sure upload that too.

I have tried my best to take the best photography as I can





The design in the woods looks very beautiful, this is a tourist place that's why this has been built so beautiful.



from this place you can see all the Himalayas range below the photograph will show you and explain what you can see from here.


The mountains was covered with clouds that's why the Himalaya range was not seen clearly


This is the place where we all visited that day.


I hope you will enjoy it and will visit once this beautiful place its like heaven.

Thanks a lot for visiting my post and thanks a lot for you support.

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ok bade bhai thanks alot for your help I will keep this in mind next time.

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