Beauty in life is possible when we give up our need for control!


God is happy for faith. But God is dissatisfied when we surrender to the soul of control that allows us to interfere in a flash of envy, vindictiveness, conflict, and other malice.

Fear works in all of us, and it is not the only cause of sin, but it is there and almost often we must learn to be aware of our fear and how it triggers us in inappropriate attitudes and behaviors.

Fear is in all of us. It animates the soul of control that exists on its way.
The spirit of control doesn't just exist with some nebulous abusers out there. It exists in us as a major aspect of our profound texture. Affirm that the icons of our souls are uncovered. And we all have them.

Overcoming the soul of control means becoming aware, being honest in this conscience, and moving away from our pride in attitude and behavior, from repentance.

God is not happy when we expose the point on someone else's eye, but when we remove the trunk from ours. God is very happy with us when we bear the fruit of repentance.

Beauty in life is possible when we give up our need for control. When we share others to be ourselves, we experience freedom. It is an acceptable product of contrition.

When we have conquered the spirit of control guided by our dread, we can be what God has consistently needed us to be: a gift.


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