Yes, there are benefits...

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That lockdown isn't just doom and gloom ... there are some fantastic benefits too!
Just look at this... I would never have taken my Amilcar before during rush hour. But now... just blissful. No traffic jams, no risk of scratches, the whole street to me alone!

Driving in the middle of the street, zigzagging, I can do it all. I just have to be careful not to get noticed by the police... but then again, I can always say I didn't feel very well... 😉

You like this Vintage Travel Series?

I surely do 😊 I like it that much that I continue creating new images with different cars, bikes and places. If you’re curious about the images I posted here before, just click on the thumbnail to see the original post...

amilcar_parijs_montmartre_border_tn.jpg mustang_antwerpen_fakehouse_border_tn.jpg amilcar_bouillon_brugdam_border_tn.jpg amilcar_paris_confiserie_border_tn.jpg amilcar_parijs_invalides_border_tn.jpg amilcar_paris_toygallery_border_tn.jpg amilcar_antwerpen_middelheim_clocks_border_tn.jpg amilcar_deauville_normandy_border_tn.jpg amilcar_antwerpen_chinatown_border_tn.jpg amilcar_antwerpen_a12viaduct_border_tn.jpg amilcar_honfleur_carredesarts_border_tn.jpg mustang_antwerpen_stadspark_border_tn.jpg panzer_antwerpen_petroleumweg_border_tn.jpg renault_van_antwerpen_tag_steeg_border_tn.jpg amilcar_antwerpen_waagnatie_border_tn.jpg amilcar_maastricht_winkelstraat_border_tn.jpg amilcar_caen_stadhuis_border_tn.jpg amilcar_antwerpen_station_border_tn.jpg amilcar_antwerpen_justitiepaleis_border_tn.jpg

BTW: all cars (or bikes) used in these pictures are real and existing. I don’t own those cars but did spot them during my hikes and decided to shoot them because they’re just good-looking or original or vintage. This doesn’t mean that I shot them on the same place as in the final picture… as a matter of fact, they never were there…😉 The places in the pictures are mostly interesting or original places… but not always car-friendly 😂

As a final note… I can guarantee that no car or bike has been hurt during the picture-shoot…Please, don't forget to resteem if you like my Vintage Travel series... I'm sure others will like them too!

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Right you are 😉

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Bang, even on HIVE I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Sorry, no beers or deranged or trdo yet... waiting on steem-engine to make the move to HIVE...
Re-birth of a contest... check it out

Hm, soon you'll be not alone on the street anymore - here the traffic is rolling again and some places at our lake look as if it was a normal warm spring day: many people having fun in the sun ... including me sweating under my helmet ;)

I am glad you still can make some fun of this situation, my friend, that means you are well and everything is fine 👍


In theory the lockdown has been expanded till the 3th of may... but you see a lot of people hanging out in the city too. That sun is terrible for a lockdown...
I think both my wife & I are infected (normal I think when you have to take care of elderly persons in a carehome...without masks and/or other protective devices). We both feel some minor effects, like with a cold... but I think we are like 98% of the people, we are carrying the virus but will not be ill...
At least, that's what we both hope 🙂
Anyway, I keep on trying until it starts.... !BEER

They have loosened our measures after easter and "normal" life should be back in a few weeks time, but I think it was too early - a few weeks more would have been better in my opinion, but as soon as the curve flattened they began to talk about loosen the measures.

Yes, the weather is terrible beautiful and people don't want to stay inside their houses anymore, what I can completely understand, and as long as they don't get too close to each other it should be fine, but we will see the numbers in a few days.

That's sad to hear, but as I know you, you take it with humor and I am sure that this will help you through it and in a few weeks you will laugh healthy from one ear to the other 😉

From one ear to the other? OMG, that corona-virus is really dangerous!

And now you see me speechless, because I have no idea what to reply ... well, actually you don't see me, but maybe you can hear my brain working hard thinking of a reply - since there's no airplane in the sky and no traffic on the streets you might easily be able to hear me ;)

And you typed all that in slow mode... djeezus 😂

Yeah, it took me ages - I always had to read what I had already written, because after a few words I fell asleep 🥱 and forgot what I had written before 😳

Yes... I can see that...
I even think it's contagius... I'm feeling very slee.................

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Simply Beautiful.......Time to Think.......To Move forward......To Discover New things......May Be the Nature want us to slow down a little bit........✌️ ✌️ ✌️ 🤓 ✌️ ✌️ ✌️

héhé, thanks...
I've never been a good friend of nature so... future doesn't look bright for me 😉😂
Anyway, thanks for passing by...👍

It has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, I am being paid not to work. So I get paid to watch films, go for a walk and even to play computer games, if I want...

On the other hand, I receive that money but I can only spend it on food. 😆

I'm sure you will find a good use for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall that money!
For example: you don't have to go out to buy some bitcoin 😂😂😂

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