Splinterland's Weekly Battle Challenge! SABRE SHARK

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This week Splinterland's challenge featured Sabre Shark, a very sharp melee monster that costing only 3 mana and you can get it's max beta version at $24 and it's max Gold Beta version for just $38 (Prices at time of writing the post ,supposed to vary.)

Sabre Shark.png

I like my Sabre Shark having more teeth so that it can bite more. I love it to add in team with Daria Dragonscale (+1 Melee attack) combined with Pirate Captain that "inspire" all melee monster with +1 attack.


So when I got my battle ruleset in which magic is disabled, Water and Dragon Summoner are allowed I immediately knew this is the time for me to let loose this monster.

So My team in order: Daraia Dragonscale(Summoner), Spineback Turtle, Wave runner, Crustacean King, Pirate Captain, Sabre Shark and Kelp Initiate.

So My Opponent team in order: Malric Inferno(Summoner), Gelatinous Cube, Flame Monkey, Elven Cutthroat, Kobold Miner, Lord of Fire and PyroMancer

Let Move to Battle


Above is screenshot when all summoner and monster abilities are activated.

Believe me, Seeing the Gelatinous cube by opponent in first position that have both heal and scavenging abilities is not a good sign. Sometimes I feel that this card is too strong in certain rulesets and might need nerfing. I Purposely put my Kelp Initiate at tail, because I thought it high swiftness will cause opponent to miss attacks and keeping the tail safe.


At start of round 2,Gelatinous cube is at 8 health (against 14 in start of game.) so my wave runner and spineback turtle are hitting it hard and sabre shark as usual working on opponents tail.


Opponent's Cube at health 2 and Pyromancer at health 4 at start of round, no need to say that mission is accomplished. Below screenshots are now just more of telling you the course but I think battle is almost decided in my favour here.



Battle Id

If you like to join this game then click on the link


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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Wow!! Along with the summoner Daria Dragonscale and the Pirate Captain's Inspire ability, your Saber Shark hit brutal + 5 damage! Amazing!

Thanks for Curation. @marianaemilia

I like wave runner too with Daria Dragonscale and the Pirate Captain's Inspire ability.

Nice Battle. Thanks for sharing.

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Nice to see you here. Thanks for curation.

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