I have decided to payout these final 2 months worth of rewards to everyone who was with us at the last payout. Everyone will get a bonus in NEOXAG, and the program will end. It was a great run, the HIVE HF kind of quadrupled my workload online, and in real life I also have had lots of extra duties piled onto me. Those who know my main online persona (@underground) are aware of some of my real life responsibilities. I have elderly parents (80 yo) who are not well, they both have extra requirements and this places extra time demands on my schedule. Needless to say, they come first. But I still have ample time to have some online fun and do some things, if I reorganize. That is what I am doing now, setting up Spinvest-NEO on a new system. It will be a staged process, and this is basically the first stage of transformation. I will list the current vision as it sits in my mind now, and what it means for the faithful.

Stage ONE:
All current DELI Members are hereby notified that DELI to @spinvest-neo will no longer pay out any rewards in coin, in token or other manually transferable vehicle. This is immediately in effect, but I will still be paying out the current balance in NEOXAG Tokens. There are approximately 44,222 in the wallet. This will be split amongst the DELI from both months, and the people still with me RIGHT NOW, will get a little extra bonus. Paid out of my personal stake. Like we did the first 3 months, if you recall 😎

Stage TWO:
All current people receiving votes will continue to do so. BUT, these will be adjusted at a future date, the benchmark will be ONE DAILY 100% Up-Vote, and those below the 'benchmark' will be prorated against the benchmark. I'm thinking that figure will be 10,000 NEOXAG DELI for the 100% daily upvote. SO, a member who had a peak DELI of 1000 NEO to this account will end up with a 10% daily upvote. But these votes will include HIVE upvotes, as well as NeoxAG. I also intend to extend this to other tags of tokens that the SPI-NEO account carries. So we shall have a tags list of "what we vote" at a future date. Expect a similar lineup as @spinvest-leo, my friend JK really has an Eye 👁 for the good coins. I am saving the ones he deals in, it's just a good policy!

Stage THREE:
THE PLAN is to transition over to a HIVE Based Deli, and DELI will only be rewarded with VOTES. Subscription Style. So once the Hive Vote Value @100% exceeds the NeoxAG values by a certain margin (TBD) the Voting values will be reduced for HIVE but the idea is to keep a similar level for NEO. Anyone will be welcome to deli-gate in HIVE, and their votes will then stay at the Hive levels, not the neo levels. Still in the egg stage, this will take some work to figure out.

SPIN-Neo Official Logo.png

OK Folks, I will tag everyone here and then proceed to do NEO payouts. THANKS for your dedication, it was fun while it lasted. It's just not the same without SPI Payouts, but we will still have the above enumerated NEO voting for you, with no DELI needed. Kind of a 'nice parting gift' participation trophy LOL 😂🤣😂


Unless you just have no other good place for it, it will enhance the vote values that you will receive simply by increasing the power of the account... No more rewards, however. Just Votes. This short list will receive a bonus for staying until the OFFICIAL END!

Here is the list of people receiving a PAYOUT for the last 2 months...

@shanibeer spinvest-neo 5150 0.23
@qam2112 spinvest-neo 70000 3.17
@spinvest-leo 4000 0.18
@conradsuperb 10451. 0.46

@silvertop 1229.14709376 0.09
banjocat 190.97597149 alt
cochiti 143.13550479 alt
coreyb 141.87522158 alt
cottonlion 130.96092148 alt
wapitielk 159.38931211 alt

@elizabethbit 754.5535889 ***

@bucipuci spinvest-neo 220 ***

@raymondspeaks 50000 2.26

@felander spinvest-neo 375 ***
@ladysalsa spinvest-neo 50 ***

@preparedwombat 5000 .22
@oldmans spinvest-neo 2000 .09

@elbrava spinvest-neo 200 *contacted UNDY

@anouk.nox.spt 3000 .14
@silverstackeruk 5000 .22
@melinda010100 3300. 0.15
@taskmaster4450 12371. 0.56

@ecoinstant 700 ***
@sames 394. ***

@bitcoinflood 50000 2.26

@incubot 500 ***

@taskmaster4450le 3280. 0.15
@spinvest spinvest-neo 1757. 0.08

@lammbock 111 ***

@welshstacker 1600 0.07
@methus 9500 0.43
@ecoinstats 1000 0.05 ?alt for ecoinstant?
@reverendrum 21794. 1.00
@battleaxe 4668. 0.21
@rehan.neox 5000 0.22
@kerrislravenhill 1401 0.07
@metzli spinvest-neo 1000 0.05
@moderndayhippie 6701 0.30
@mcoinz79 spinvest-neo 1000 0.05

@tokengesture 125 ***

@ekushya spinvest-neo 500 ***

@votebetting 10000 0.45

@mfblack spinvest-neo 136000 6.16
@saffisara spinvest-neo 1000 0.05
@darkmrmystic 9357. 0.42

The numbers beside the names are from a prior month payout, please disregard!

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Have I still delegated?

YES. You may remove it at any time.

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It sounds like a good plan and a lot less work for you.

Do I understand correctly that any delegator will receive upvotes, possibly with a lower limit of 100 Neo being a 1% upvote?

This is for the prior members, who had delegated neoxag.
I will be adding deli for HIVE for new members and old alike.

The low outgoing votes will be 10% and likely proportional.
You math is correct, but your assumption is not 😜

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So what would a 1000 neoxag delegation be worth you think? Obviously prices change, so I won’t hold you to it long term, but I’m just curious. The delegation would come from my main account @elbrava

DM me on discord undeRGRound#7534

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Sure, I will

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