Thumbs Up or Thumbs down?

Failure - a common dispiriting word we hear often, but we never can really escape from it. How many times have we thought about what failure really is! Yes, too many times but what others view as a failure, we come to think of it as a failure as well and not make our own views. That's also a failure if you come to think of it.


I detest that word; not because I hear it too often (I do sometimes) but I refuse to agree to others' judgments about it. I'm not a renegade but I refuse to agree with the stereotypical outlook of society. Why do I or anyone for that matter should be called a failure just because we don't match up with the standards the society has set for us.

We follow social norms and behave in certain set ways that are expected of us. And then we become prisoners of those very selfsame norms set by us forgetting that we were the ones who created them and not the other way around.


Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.
-Morihei Ueshiba

The quote I have mentioned is easier said than done. The journey to success is troublesome and being called a failure doesn't boost motivation. Singularly we can motivate but we can hardly overlook the fact that people will be judging, even when they aren't judging. Oftentimes we can't get over the society will judge, even when society is not bothered by that.

No amount of essays, motivational articles, or positive affirmations are enough to change this mindset; how we perceive society and how it views us. The change comes from within, it's truest which none can disagree. If we want to change society's view, we have to change our views first.


Eyes can see but the mind observes, and observing is essential to bring about the change we want to see. This starts from me or you, then it spreads, no I'm not talking about a revolution, just a mere thought. We can't think of ourselves as failures to achieve success, the trial periods run longer often. It is never easy, never will be.