Got another NFT card

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Two days ago I purchased some random Dcity cards. All cards were so useless. I wanted to decrease unemployment in my city but it went in the reverse direction. Instead of decreasing, I increased unemployment in my city. Well, I don't care anymore. I like the way my city is going and giving me some passive income.

MY City Situation


General tax deducting 5% income and unemployment decreasing 6% income. Life of city is hard :P XD We should have Dvillage as well :P XD Villages are mostly free of such kind of taxes I suppose I am just assuming XD. Anyways it is what it is.

New NFT card

While getting my daily Dcity Income I got one more notification. That I have been blessed with another NFT card. Card name is Night.



Your NFT cards collection you can see by clicking on backgrounds. You see I have a pretty cool collection of NFT cards now. You can set them as your city background. Currently, I am using Mountains as a city background. All of them are so cool that I don't even want to sell any of them. That Night background is tempting me hard let me set and see how it looks like.


Hmmm not that bad but I like mountains more. That's was a quick report of the city what's happening in my city. Tc

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Khaaaan the Nft collector 🙈

Ude the commenter

🤣 🤣

try to buy Research Center ,price 1 hive or 598 sim
Income: 3
Popularity: 5
Education: 10
Workers: 18
Rarity: 5%

Required to discover technologies

Cheap that buyng random cards

City stats 10_04_2021.png