Naga Fire Wizard- An extremely intelligent and skilled warrior of the burning lands

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Heya splinterlander's,

Naga Fire Wizard is a Rare reward edition card that belongs to burning lands I mean fire splinter. She has reached her max printing so you can't get it from your quest rewards now. But she is extremely useful in reverse speed rule along with Yodin Zaku. If you use Yodin Zaku more often then you might need this card in your collection. I have two Naga Fire Wizard one is maxed and the other one is level 7. She used to be dirt cheap but since now she is out of print so you will find it a bit expensive as compared to other reward edition.



She has a shield ability at level one and she gets thorn at level 5. Overall a good card but I only use it when I get the reverse speed. Currently, she is getting traded at 0.90$/BCX almost 1 dollar whoops :P. Thank Goodness I maxed her up when she was a dirt-cheap ;)

MY Battle 🏆


Xawi Vs Brancarosamel


The only given rule was Reverse speed. When I get this rule I usually go with the Fire deck if it is available.

My Line-up

  • Yodin Zaku
  • Living LAva
  • Cyclops
  • Fire beetle
  • Lord of fire
  • Halfling Alchemist
  • Naga Fire Wizard

Yodin Zaku as a summoner is the best in reverse speed rule. I picked Living Lava as a defender. It has thorn rust off and shields abilities. If only it had voidability :P XD. Next, I used Cyclops it also has shield ability which takes less damage from the blast. To cover the sneak attack I used Firebeetlenext to cyclops. She is pretty good in reverse speed along with quite good ranged attack. Now I needed someone who could reduce the magic attack of the opponent. So I went with Lord of Fire. It gives affliction, shatters the armour, Strengthens your all monsters and gives a silence attack to your opponent. Next, I used Chemist it is also a slow speed monster but its halfling ability is just too op to not mention.
My final placement is the theme of the week Naga Fire wizard. I placed her in the last position because she has thorn and shield ability. So to counter the sneak attack I placed her in last.

That was all about my battle hope you liked it. Nowadays people usually use Living lava in reverse speed so in such a scenario using Naga fire wizard is just too good but if someone used Lord Arianthus then it can be difficult for Naga Fire wizard. Magic reflect will get her early because she doesn't have Good Hp. Anyways it is what it is you have to take risk its a game and it's all about taking risks. See y'all take care

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Yes yes... the tips... yes. I love that you include so much strategy in a small space. Super helpful! 🥰-carrieallen

thank You Carrie :*

Magic reflect will get her early because she doesn't have Good Hp@xawi

stop spamming :P XD