How to build a community ?

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Recently I was asked by @yousafharoonkhan about how to build a community. He for sure noticed me having a very successful community. It's @dcooperation where I created so many collaborations and motivated so many to participate in those collaborations.

So, for sure, I have an experience in creating a community. Maybe not that successful, not that famous because of the lack of resources, but still I have things I may share !


First, you have to know that creating a community is a hard work. I would say a very hard work. If you are not investing in it a lot of time, energy and even money, you'll get nothing. But if you are sure about starting that, I will not demotivate you and I would say : ''Just do it !''. Do it, if you enjoy the process. Do it, if you want to give a meaning to your creating here. Do it, if you like to support others and if you like to build something even bigger than you see already created !

Now, how to do it :

  • Build a concept. Discuss it with people who may help you create the community. Sometimes the idea behind it is much more important than creating it. So, you have to set goals to reach and reasons for others to join.

  • When you create the right tools to be ready to welcome people, start to guide them. Show them why you invited them, what they have to do to help or to get the benefits and what you may give them, or the community created in the future.

  • Start by a call to action. Spread your ideas about anything related to the community and about the concept. It's like
    planting a grain that will give you harvest later. Never be tired to talk about it.

  • Start to implement innovative ideas. For example, in order to push members to do something special in the community or about the place where you are building it. Create contests, reward members for useful activities, respect each one joining and give them the best you can.

  • You may have to forget about yourself and personal benefit for a while. Don't think about the community as something that will bring you benefits right away. That will come only after a long time building it and fighting for it. The most important should be the community itself, the team to care about, the members who should always stand by your side.

  • So, the goal should be to bring those people who will help in building the community. You don't need to run after those who join only for rewards. And if you notice someone kind of blackmailing you for not rewarding them, just get rid of such people. Let them leave if they want. Look only for those who really want to build with you. If you find one of such people, it's much better than finding 10 who do nothing.

  • Keep promoting it, keep talking and writing about it, keep improving it. Always be updated about everything going on on the platform you are building it. Make the necessary change to make it improve faster and better.


After all, the patience is the key. Nothing can be built in a day or two. You have really to work hard and always brainstorm how to make it always better.

The most important is not the number of people joining, but the quality of members you will have in it !


Building a community is definitely not an easy thing. I have a community I run with two other hivers The Blogging Challenge Community which I created last year October. It wasn't easy and the main idea of the community is to solve what they call the writer's block and making a list of topics writers can write about, publish there and engage.

People did not really publish in there very well at first and it took a lot of energy to bring people being active in it. We ran contest very often, which was how people got to know more about the community. I also manage The Hive Crossculture Community, I am not the owner but more like an assistant to the owner. I give out monthly contest with prize of 4000 Hive delegation for a month. This encourages authors to publish in the community and also support them as well. You can check this month's contest here.

The thing is, it wasn't easy at first and as you have said if one really wants to make a community, he should rub his mind off the initial benefits of it. Running a community also would be very difficult when one does it alone because it would be hard to manage it all and one cannot depend on his ideas alone. It is all a gradual process and with a aim of contributing to the Hive ecosystem.

Apologies for pasting links in your comments if you may find it offensive

Thanks for the encouraging words. I recently started a community and you're right it's not easy. The idea was rolling around in my head for a while waiting for the right time and then I was doing a 30 day journey called #3StepNoExcuses, and one day the challenge was to start something new, so at that point I decided to start my community "#TeamFutureFaith" and building it has not been easy.

I continue to run into making choices between my personal growth and community growth as life keeps getting in the way and leaving me without the time that it requires. I had the time when I started the community then life happened and now I barely have time for me, not only business wise but personally as well.

Do you have any tips or advice for that?


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Your personal growth is much more important. People don't want to see a weak leader. Invest in yourself first. Learn enough, build your own account. Be active. Create following. Then you will be ready to give it all to community. Of course it's better to do both. But always take care of yourself first. If you will not have that energy to do things, you will do nothing. Spending so much time on the community and giving yourself to it all is even worse. You should sleep well, rest, eat at time, live your life. Creating and building a community should be as a hobby for you. Not rush into things. Just let it go and do what you can for the community. You have your own life to care about. That should be in the first place. When your life is ok, so the community should be ok as well. Only healthy relation to yourself and others may create a healthy community ! But, I'm still not an expert. I'm learning as well and you will learn a lot of things during building that community !

Thanks for the tips and encouragement. My mentors have told me something similar so I guess you're in the ball park and have enough knowledge to pass on pretty good advice on the subject.


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Amazing ,,,, I read seriously, I see you write with great experience here,, let me take part here, introduce me from Indonesia (Aceh) ,,

You're welcome. I'll be happy seeing you in the community. Do you use discord ?


I just made it,


You may join our community, here is the link :

Indeed, someone need patience for the community to grow.

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For sure, that's not an easy task !

@tipu curate


will I ever think of building a community? Maybe, maybe not

But I am saving this post for if I do

You are doing a great job with #dcc and I must commend you for that

Thank you for sharing the tips, it is not easy to know something valuable, and then, discipline yourself enough to share the secrets with others

we appreciate this gesture

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You're welcome. I always liked to share my experience with others. I'm very generous in giving tips and helping others to grow. ☺

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I can see that written all-around your writings. Well done

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Great job I think I will be a part of the growth @clixmoney

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