Confidence Breeds Success

Confidence has to do more with how much you value yourself, how much you believe in yourself and your abilities, how much you trust yourself, how much you love yourself, being able to stand up for yourself, and speaking for yourself so you don't get exploited and used by other people, that's what I see confidence to be.


Because those who don't believe in themselves, most times they feel worthless and always get exploited by those who know that they don't value themselves, they don't stand up or speak up for themselves.

I use to be the type of person that doesn't speak up when someone offended me, I just bottled it up and move on without reacting to what they did to me or pointing out that what they did hurt me, then I noticed that some people were trying to play on my intelligence and try to take advantage of my meekness.

Then I decided to start speaking up for myself because if I continue to keep quiet, someone might think he or she can walk all over me or ride on me, thinking I won't do anything, After all.

Because I used to ignore what they do before, but I surprised everyone when I switched up and started speaking up when I get offended, letting people know when they hurt me and how I feel.

My confidence came from being tired of people using or taking advantage of me, I started speaking up boldly and acting accordingly because that commands respect and let people know you are not someone to be F**ked with, letting everyone know you love, respect, believe in yourself and most especially know that you know your self worth or value.

Having confidence and belief in yourself helps you succeed in whatever you do, take for example as a trader you have to have confidence in your trading skills before placing any trade and believe in your trading strategy, that is the first step to prevent your self from being a successful trader.

According to @famimora and Self-confidence and its power

Always ensure that you engage in things that you really love and you are truly passionate about, this also helps you to build your confidence.