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Building a community is definitely not an easy thing. I have a community I run with two other hivers The Blogging Challenge Community which I created last year October. It wasn't easy and the main idea of the community is to solve what they call the writer's block and making a list of topics writers can write about, publish there and engage.

People did not really publish in there very well at first and it took a lot of energy to bring people being active in it. We ran contest very often, which was how people got to know more about the community. I also manage The Hive Crossculture Community, I am not the owner but more like an assistant to the owner. I give out monthly contest with prize of 4000 Hive delegation for a month. This encourages authors to publish in the community and also support them as well. You can check this month's contest here.

The thing is, it wasn't easy at first and as you have said if one really wants to make a community, he should rub his mind off the initial benefits of it. Running a community also would be very difficult when one does it alone because it would be hard to manage it all and one cannot depend on his ideas alone. It is all a gradual process and with a aim of contributing to the Hive ecosystem.

Apologies for pasting links in your comments if you may find it offensive